GREG GUTFELD: CNN complained that Trump spoke about the past after asking him about the past

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Finally something worth watching on CNN since the great Don Lemon left, which means it’s time for…

ANNOUNCER: Trump vs. CNN, “Insurrection 2: The Rematch.”

So last night Donald Trump did a town hall on CNN that did as well as a Spelling Bee hosted by John Fetterman. How dare you laugh at that? First the standing O.

KAITLAN COLLINS: Former President Donald Trump.

We haven’t seen such a warm welcome since someone walked into The View with two cows and a bag of charcoal, but what a great idea. Got a pro-Trump audience just to blow the minds of the remaining CNN viewers.

Remember, the only people who watch CNN work for CNN or other media. So seeing people applaud Trump is worse than cheering for Jaws to eat more kids. For over an hour, Trump and his opponent in the debate, I mean Town Hall moderator Kaitlan Collins, had an argument. He talked and she talked too little.

Liberals rage at CNN’s ‘disgusting’ Trump Town Hall: ‘This madness should be plucked out of the frigging air’

DONALD TRUMP: I have to cast seven ballots at a time, and that’s all I can do…

KAITLAN COLLINS: Mr President, I have to interrupt you here because there is no evidence that …

DONALD TRUMP: Obama took her, Nixon took her, Reagan took her.

KAITLAN COLLINS: Obama took no documents with him.

KAITLAN COLLINS: One question: What would happen if you had these documents?

DONALD TRUMP: Can I speak?

KAITLAN COLLINS: Yes. What’s the answer?

DONALD TRUMP: May I please?

KAITLAN COLLINS: I want you to answer the question.

DONALD TRUMP: OK, the answer is very simple.

KAITLAN COLLINS: That’s why I asked it.

DONALD TRUMP: It’s very simple: you’re a bad person, I’m telling you.

CNN City Hall

Former President Trump attacked CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, calling her a “bad person” during a heated exchange about his handling of classified documents. (Screenshot/CNN)

Like when Harry met Sally. Val Kilmer had an easier time speaking in the Top Gun sequel. He would have laughed. Trump faced a sympathetic crowd who laughed at his jokes and applauded his boasts while Collins weakly tried to keep up like a frantic schoolmaster.

She’s tried checking him out live on TV, but with Trump, it’s like trying to put socks on an octopus. Collins started with berates Trump for January 6th. I wonder if Trump had to pull it out?


DONALD TRUMP: Oh let me get it out I have to pull it out. So if you look at this — on January 5, the day before, I said, “Please support our police and law enforcement agencies in the Capitol. They really are on the side of our country. stay peaceful Keep peaceful.” That was the day before and it was in the form of Twitter. Now I use Truth, Truth Social. I think it’s far superior.

Always the promoter, and if you remember he was shooting a video right outside the Oval Office and he didn’t need a script because he didn’t need a script like the person that’s in there right now.

DONALD TRUMP: And if you remember, I made a video right outside the Oval Office in the Rose Garden and I’m very proud of that video. I didn’t have a script. I don’t need scripts like a certain person that’s in there right now.

As for E. Jean Carrollmaybe he doesn’t know her.

DONALD TRUMP: I do not know you. I never met her. I have no idea who she is… Her dog or cat was named Vagina.

I assume it was her cat. I mean it makes more sense. “Hey, vagina, where did you get that dead mouse?” But is that true? And does it matter? Even if you hate Trump, you have to admit you don’t get that level of realism from any other candidate.

That’s what matters. Americans may find Trump annoying, untrue, or disgusting, but you know what you’re getting and it’s quickly firing into overdrive. And people don’t want to pay double for everything all the time. They just want to feed their families, preferably with a gas stove. They want to live their lives without the intrusion of these wretched elites, and Trump even ridicules the debt ceiling.

KAITLAN COLLINS: You once said that using the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip is simply not possible.

DONALD TRUMP: That’s right, I was President at the time.

KAITLAN COLLINS: That’s what you said when you were in the Oval Office. Why is it different now that you are out of office?

DONALD TRUMP: Because now I’m not president.


I can’t disagree, but Trump is also dominating the media in a way no other candidate in American history has, which means he knows how to deal with the people who lie to us every day . I wish I could get him to talk to my cable company, but the Liberal reaction was as predictable as it was idiotic.

AOC says: “CNN should be ashamed“for losing control of City Hall. A Daily Beast writer says, “CNN has failed journalism and the American public.” Well, The Daily Beast knows about failed journalism. Everyone there is a failed journalist. Listen to these donkeys.

MSNBC: No surprises and yet it was just a disgraceful performance.

CNN: I will not pretend that it was easy for me to see the former President use this forum to lie to the American people over and over again tonight.

SUNNY HOSTIN: I was wondering when his facts would be checked in real time… I think we needed a chyron. That’s a lie. That’s a lie. That’s a lie. That’s a lie…

JOY BEHAR: What I didn’t know was that audiences would be filled with his cult following. I would like to know if CNN distributed Kool-Aid before the event started.

You know, to hear such inspired criticism, you usually have to watch an episode of Dancing with the Stars. Therefore, they are surprised that it is controversial. They are outraged, he answered their questions. You’re offended that he didn’t back down. How stupid are these people? It’s exactly what anyone would expect. It’s like the media has never heard of Trump.

It’s like they’d be surprised if he eats pasta with his hands or brags about his penis at a funeral. That’s how in sync they are with Biden. Now they have short term memory loss. It seems they would be surprised to learn the buildings were named after Trump and not the other way around. They’re just a parade of ——- idiots. Then there’s this: Following City Hall, CNN interviewed the audience.

CNN: Does it bother you that he keeps talking about 2020 and not 2024? What do you think of these lies?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: So I have a feeling it’s also because of the media narrative because you asked him the first question at City Hall about the 2020 elections and not current issues.

CNN: So don’t you think it’s about time he started talking about 2024 and not lies that aren’t true?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Couldn’t the media ask him a question about 2024?

CNN: Well, there were questions, but you’re right, that was the first thing.


Perfect. The media complains about Trump talking about the past after asking him about the past. It’s like asking a shark to leave you alone while you cover your naked body in barbecue sauce. Even CNN reported how messed up CNN was, noting that their “network boss” was facing “a rage of criticism” within the company.

But perhaps this outrage is intended to cover their tracks because they have Trump in office. So did this town hall help Trump for 2024? Didn’t hurt. Hell, at least Trump knows where he’s going compared to this guy [Biden].

Can you imagine this confused fossil standing on stage for an hour and being bombarded with intriguing questions from a hostile interrogator? It wouldn’t be City Hall — it would be a city that hangs, but when Donald Trump enters the lion’s den, it’s the lion who gets nervous.

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