Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 19 Episode 6 – “Thunderstruck”

Sparks definitely flew at the fall finale on Thursday Grey’s anatomy. One jolt after the other came like a thunderstorm Seattle, Gray Sloan’s doctors were, uh, calculated We stitched the injured back together while preparing for the shock ABC’s promos had warned us about. What was it? Read on and we will discuss.

“YOU WILL SEE BEAUTIFUL INJURIES” | As Thunderstruck began, Meredith sent an email to her colleagues at Gray Sloan announcing that she was leaving. How did Nick take the news? They didn’t talk about it, Mer informed Amelia and Maggie. Lucas and Simone turned their chemistry up to 11. (Sue me – I love her already). And Link reminded Jo that women don’t just need abortions when the weather is nice, so she still had to go to the clinic for work. Unfortunately, upon her arrival, she learned that bureaucracy had stalled progress and the clinic could not yet open. Elsewhere, upset that Lucas hadn’t yet told his roommates not to sleep together, Amelia dragged him in front of his classmates and forced him to confess that he’s a shepherd. “We’re not having sex now and we’ve never had sex,” she clarified. Uh, “with each other”. Though the interns feared Mer’s departure would mean the end of the residency program, Nick reassured them that wasn’t the case – younot just any surgeon, were the program.

Shortly thereafter, Jonathan, the television reporter whose helicopter had been struck by lightning, came to the emergency room train station 19, leaving him in such bad shape that he had to be transported to the hospital in the chair that was pulled from the helicopter. As the patient apologized to Mrs. Paola for resenting him for giving up his dream of becoming a war correspondent for her, a lightbulb seemed to go on over Teddy’s head. Was Owen about to be freed from the kennel? After Teddy and Owen reported to Paola that Jonathan would pull through, Mika told Altman that seeing her had restored her confidence that she could be anything. Teddy was a “badass boss surgeon, and I want to be you when I grow up.”

Grey's Anatomy Recap Season 19 Episode 6 Thunderstruck

When Mer got autographs for her children from a children’s book author named Tessa, who suffered from pancreatitis, Mer passed on to get one for herself – she already had the writer’s Jane Hancock when she was a child. (Tessa was a Seattle legend, you know?) Before Simone delved into Tessa’s Whipple procedure, Simone asked Lucas if he felt better now that his deep, dark secret was out. Not that much better than Anders, he replied. (Of course, the point of the scene was really how prepared she was for the Whiple. That, and they went from flirtatious to flirtatious.) Before the surgery, Nick gave Lucas a pep talk, assuring him that he was well enough to to make a name for yourself. In the OR, Nick encouraged Lucas, Mer was more careful. She decided Adams was too broken to perform and replaced him with Simone. And that was just that beginning of the drama in this OR

greys-anatomy-recap-season-19-episode-6-thunderstruck“WHEN SHE LEAVES, THIS PLACE WILL FEEL IT” | When Richard approached Nick to ask if he would go with Mer, her boyfriend admitted he didn’t know. He struggled to figure out how to answer questions with her. “She’s worth it,” Richard told him. But was it her? Mer hadn’t even told Nick Lucas was a Shepherd. When the pair finally argued/talked, Nick marveled at the position she had put him in. He didn’t even know how to fight for them and hated the idea of ​​leaving his class of residents. In other developments, Jo tackling in the pit was giving Levi a hard time as what little strength he had had gone to his head. Jules was happy to outsmart Blue when he asked for advice. They later bonded and revealed much more about their past than one would normally do with just a one-night stand.

At Mer’s, Winston showed up to help Maggie pack for her sister—thwarting her plan to avoid him and any discussion of his changing specialties. For him, however, the decision had been made. He would attend Gray Sloan’s Vascular Surgery Fellowship. “If we keep working together, we won’t make it. I love cardio,” Winston said, “but I love you more.” That wasn’t the answer Maggie wanted. She didn’t even know if she respected it. While Winston was absorbing this blow, the house was struck by lightning! Shortly after, back in Gray Sloan, Bailey gets a call from Ben and Richard interrupts Nick and Mer’s surgery on Tessa to tell Gray that there’s a fire at their house. She went off to find her house on fire, but the children were fine. At the end of the day, Jo, Bailey and Carina were finally able to open the clinic (which was named after Miranda’s late mother, Elena). In the dressing room, Simone Lucas reported that Tessa was fine. But all he wanted to do was beat himself up about his failure in the OR. When they argued, he impulsively kissed her, but she couldn’t go there. um, why? Curiouser and more curious. And at Mer’s, at least her and Derek’s vows were saved from the fire with sticky notes.

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