Halo wearers aren’t giving up on Warrior Nun as Honor Among Thieves talks about the sequel ahead of its official debut

warrior nun

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honor among thieves is undeniably the hitter of the week, like fantasy Fans are looking forward to the film’s theatrical debut in just a few days.

The dungeons The film is the latest in a long line of attempts to convert everyone’s favorite tabletop game into live action, and it looks like it’s the first to actually get it right. In fact, the film is so popular that a sequel is already being discussed before it hits cinemas. Star Chris Pine also says it’s exactly the film the world needs right now as we face global pandemics, corrupt leadership and devastating natural disasters.

It might even be enough to satisfy the burned warrior nun Fandom – at least for a few hours. Halo carriers continue to scramble to see the Netflix fantasy offering return for a third season, regardless of which platform picks it up — but to no avail. Despite the lack of progress, the campaign is still going strong, and showrunner Simon Barry is fully supportive of its ongoing efforts.

Simon Barry calls for the warrior nun fandom to stay strong

warrior nun
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It’s been months since Netflix was canceled warrior nun, and each day that passes without renewal further diminishes the show’s chances. Fans are desperate for the fantasy series to return for a third season, but they’ll need a streamer – Netflix or an alternative – to pick up the series for that to happen. So far, months of tireless campaigning have garnered little more than some press attention and much inter-community hype, and some people are beginning to lose hope.

But not Simon Barry, the show’s former showrunner and a staunch supporter of the ongoing effort to see something warrior nun to return. He noted in a recent tweet that should the show resume, it will be down to the efforts of fans and urged supporters to keep fighting.

The honor among thieves Directors are already eyeing a sequel

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves
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Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, the writing/directing duo behind the upcoming D&D Movie honor among thieves, are already optimistically considering the possibility of a sequel. The film isn’t quite in theaters yet, but that’s not stopping the duo from considering what a sequel might look like. We’re still a long way from confirmation of another chapter in the Chris Pine-helmed (franchise?), but early reviews suggest audiences will be hungry for many more adventures to come.

Chris Pine praises honor among thieves as ‘honest’ and ‘sweet’

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There are arguments for serious, dramatic, and even cynical storytelling in movies, but there’s no denying how exhausting some elements of modern filmmaking have become. Chris Pine seems determined to see it honor among thieves steers clear of these emotionally draining tendencies, instead praising the film’s “sweet” nature. He noted in a recent interview that his upcoming D&D flick is “real” and aims to “make people feel better”.

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