HBO is talking about a new Game of Thrones prequel that will reveal Aegon’s conquest

Aegon the Conqueror

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Astride his dragon, Balerion the Black Dread, Aegon Targaryen rode to Westeros alongside his sister-wives. Filled with willpower and the power of fire at his command, Aegon united six of the continent’s seven kingdoms, stripped away the kingship of their respective rulers, and forged the Iron Throne. Jorah Mormont once mentioned how Aegon conquered the continent, not because he had any legal title, just because he could. Such was the fear of dragons he instilled in the rulers of Westeros. He founded a dynasty meant to bring peace and chaos to the united kingdom, eventually beginning the game of Thrones. Now we may get a live-action portrayal of his story.

An exclusive report by diversity revealed that a live-action adaptation of the story of Aegon I Targaryen’s Conquest of Westeros is being discussed on HBO. diversity claims that no creative team is connected to the project yet; However, HBO is keen to move forward and give the proposal the green light. Interestingly, HBO seems interested in producing a feature film based on Aegon’s Conquest, which could lead to a television show.

The project would go back at least three centuries from the events game of Thronesand tells the story of how Aegon followed his vision to conquer the lands of Westeros and restore the fallen name of the Targaryens after the fall of Valyria. There is a wealth of lore from this period, from characters, kingdoms, former rulers of Westeros to now extinct houses like Durrandon and Hoare.

However, delve deeper Aegon’s dream, his vision giving him more than ambition to conquer Westeros would be extraordinary. It was first mentioned in house of the dragon Season one when Viserys leaked this secret to heir apparent Rhaenyra. This prophecy, a previously unknown facet of Aegon’s history, has interested fans and spawned several theories since the show aired last year. If HBO ever greenlights a movie or TV series based on the concept, fans would love to see how the prophecy of A Song of Ice and Fire forms.

This wouldn’t be the first time audiences have seen a depiction of Aegon’s conquest. As bonus material game of Thronesthe showrunners produced an audio series based on Aegon’s conquest and other historical events in Westeros, as well as character profiles of important people who lived in George RR Martin’s universe. The audio series entitled history & lore, is also accompanied by visual media, with animated graphics corresponding to the events being narrated. Many game of Thrones Actors have voiced episodes of history & lore. But a deeper, previously unexplored aspect of the event in a live-action format would be a visual treat.

Aegon Targaryen is a character of strength, power, leadership and daring, like A Song of Ice and Fire explained. Throughout the books and TV shows, mentions of Aegon proved his importance in the history of Westeros and the founding of House Targaryen. While his war resulted in countless deaths, Westeros found new peace in the later years of his reign. But after his death, the Continent suffered at the behest of Maegor and many cruel rulers over the next generations of his house. Although at one point King Jahaerys and Viserys I reigned in peace, the leading Civil War, the Dance of the Dragons, eventually brought about the total collapse of House Targaryen. Sort of the legacy of every Targaryen character and the chaos the seven kingdoms suffered game of Thrones traced back to Aegon’s conquest.

Aegon’s Conquest is an event that any fan would love to bring to life, and it would be particularly exciting to see who could do justice to these characters through their performances. The project is currently only under discussion and will take a few years to bear fruit. Still, the news definitely stirs up the fan base. HBO is talking about a new Game of Thrones prequel that will reveal Aegon’s conquest

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