Hearts will melt for kitten caught playing with cellphone in baby cot

A kitten caught playing in a baby cot has melted hearts after a video garnered viral attention.

With more than two million views, TikToker charleyellis94’s video shows the little gray tabby sitting in the nursery and playing with the phone over the crib, with the word: “Busted” in the text overlay.

Pet advice site Vetstreet highlights the importance of playtime for our feline friends. While we think of cats as laid-back creatures who love napping, they also love fun and games.

“For cats in the wild, the act of play is actually serious business that helps kittens learn important survival skills like stalking, hunting and capturing,” explains Vetstreet. “Even if your cat never ventures outside your home, the basic instinct Hunting can stay strong, so it’s important to give our feline family members the opportunity to express this natural behavior through play.”

Commenters rushed to share their reaction to the kitten’s playtime. With one TikTok user imagining what the cat might be thinking: “I, um, just checking that the layette is up to standard. I wasn’t just playing with it for fun or anything,” they wrote.

“My cat had to test ALL the baby stuff first,” shared one commenter, prompting the video’s poster to reply, “Yes! She does that.”

In the video, the kitten can be seen in the baby’s crib playing with the mobile toys as if they were made just for him.

When it comes to choosing the right toys for your pets, studies have found that “cats play best and most often with toys that also utilize human interaction,” according to the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Research also shows that changing toys or providing new toys frequently can also help keep your cat’s interest longer.

Interactive play with toys like wands or ball fetch are great ways to keep your cat occupied and teach him to hone his instinctive skills, including chasing, jumping, and leaping. Physical exercise, emotional gratification and mental stimulation are important for your pet – just like walking a dog, our cats need attention and stimulation every day.

“He’s a baby too, needs baby toys,” said a commenter on the now-viral TikTok video.

Another viewer wrote, “Give the kitty the space,” and one commenter said, “Cute little baby.”

To avoid any concerns, Poster charleyellis94 later clarified that the nursery where the cat was playing is not currently being used by the new baby: “The baby isn’t in the bedroom yet,” she wrote.

Far from the only cat to delight the Internet with playful antics, viewers were delighted by an elderly kitten who brought toys to his owner’s desk during the workday. Meanwhile, a cat waiting for her canine companion to return from a walk to play melted hearts.

news week asked charleyellis94 for a comment. We have not been able to verify the details of this case.

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Cat plays with hanging toy
A stock image of a kitten playing with a hanging toy mouse. The internet has been reeling after a cat was caught playing with a baby mobile in a viral video.
Anastasiia Bidzilia/Getty Images

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