Henry Cavill emerges as top pick for another Game of Thrones spin-off as news of a Harry Potter reboot divides fan bases

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The man, the myth, the legend that is Henry Cavill is back in casting talks when fantasy Fans are looking for alternative franchises witcher star to dominate.

He already has an event in mind Warhammer 40K Adjustment, but Cavill’s schedule looks wide open in the meantime. interested in more game of Thrones Spinoffs is similarly high, subsequently house of the dragon‘s popular first season, and people see a future for Cavill in the game of Thrones expanded universe.

Provided the franchise maintains the momentum it started with house of the dragon, it could soon rival the best of the best in the fantasy arena. speaking of Harry Potterhas been in a major downturn in recent years thanks to author JK Rowling’s widespread trans-exclusionary statements, and few people believe a reboot is what property needs. Despite this, HBO appears determined to adapt the story into a television series less than 15 years after the last film’s release.

Instead, we prefer to focus our energy on new, unproblematic franchises, such as dungeons. Everyone’s favorite tabletop game easily inspired its best adaptation yet honor among thievesbut has been experiencing a renaissance for years, thanks stranger things. Many of the creatures in the hit Netflix series borrow their names from real-life DnD characters, and some fans can’t help but wonder if the real Vecna ​​or a terrifying Demogorgon will make an appearance in the new film.

Fans condemn HBOs Harry Potter Restart as “unnecessary”

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News that HBO intends to reboot the Harry Potter Franchise – which wrapped up just over a decade ago – was quickly ridiculed by fandom. Long time Harry Potter Viewers called the decision premature and entirely unnecessary, and criticized HBO for spending its money on another reboot rather than believing in new ownership. There’s also, of course, the issue of JK Rowling’s continued attachment to the source material, which can only mean that the author – and her transphobic agenda – will benefit from developing another one Harry Potter Offer.

Henry Cavill fans find a new franchise ripe for harvest

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher
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Since Henry Cavill, formerly the face of several major franchises, has lost roles in both The Witcher and the DCU, his fans have been searching for the actor’s next big project. Warhammer 40K It’s all well and good, but the show is in its earliest stages possible, and Cavill Stans wants him to oversee another massive franchise much sooner.

Now they have it in their sights game of Thrones Franchise – or more specifically, a potential Targaryen origin story. Fancasts now put Cavill in the role of Aegon I Targaryen, the man who conquered empires and founded a dynasty. Cavill is guaranteed to shine in the role, and hey – we already know he looks gorgeous in a white wig.

NO stranger things Creatures appeared honor among thievesbut there is always the next movie

Vecna ​​from Stranger Things
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dungeons experienced a massive surge in interest, thanks honor among thieves And stranger things. The former takes place in the vast fantasy world the tabletop game is set in, but the latter simply borrows names and creatures from the world due to its main characters’ passion for the game.

DnD’s Vecna ​​and Demogorgon don’t look anything like the versions that appear in stranger things, but the creatures and characters themselves are an important part of DnD lore. None of the DnD supplements that appear in stranger things appeared honor among thieves, but it’s certainly not to say they won’t make it to the big screen at some point. When a dungeons Cinema universe is in our future, maybe we will see some of them stranger things Favorites on the big screen and the way they were originally intended.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/latest-fantasy-news-henry-cavill-emerges-as-a-top-pick-for-yet-another-game-of-thrones-spin-off-as-news-of-a-harry-potter-reboot-divides-the-fandom/ Henry Cavill emerges as top pick for another Game of Thrones spin-off as news of a Harry Potter reboot divides fan bases

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