Hilarious moment Older cat, 18 years old, refuses to be friends with new kitten

A video of an older cat appearing to throw the stinky eye at a new kitten in its home has gone viral on TikTok with over 580,000 views.

A message superimposed over the clip shared by TikToker Georgia Cronin (@georgiacronin) read, “When you bring home a new kitten to keep your 18-year-old cat company…”

The video showed a kitten resting on the chest of a man sitting on a couch. The camera then pand over to a cat perched atop a scratching post on the opposite side of the room, appearing to be staring down at the kitten.

A caption shared with the post read, “I’m sure they’ll be best friends in no time!” Is the older cat’s look actually just a sign of the beginning of a beautiful feline friendship?

Old tabby sitting on couch.
A stock image of an 18 year old tabby cat sitting on a couch at home. A video of an 18-year-old cat who seems unhappy about the arrival of a new kitten in her home has gone viral on TikTok.
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While the fate of their relationship has yet to be determined, perhaps these two animals will grow in recognizing each other’s names. A Japanese study of domestic cats and those belonging to cat cafes where many cats live together was published in the peer-reviewed journal in April 2022 Scientific Reports. It turns out that cats learn the names of their “friend cats” in their daily lives.

The study found that “cats expect a specific face when they hear a companion’s specific name.” It does this by “spontaneously learning relationships between names and faces in their everyday experiences, much like human children do”.

Can an older cat and kitten become best friends?

Molly DeVoss is a Certified Cat Training and Behavior Specialist (CFTBS) and Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC). she said news week that despite the massive age difference between the cat and kitten in the latest viral video, they could become best cat friends.

“However, this road will not be without potholes,” she added.

DeVoss, who is also the founder of the nonprofit Cat Behavior Solutions and weekly podcast Cat Talk Radio, said in human years, there is about 80 years age difference. “Mismatched playstyles are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to bringing a very young cat and a very old cat together.”

DeVoss added that the couple’s owner must spend a lot of time playing with the new kitten. The 18-year-old cat “probably won’t have the energy or interest” for it.

What Does the Senior Cat’s Body Language Mean?

DeVoss said the older cat appears to have a permanent “grumpy old man face,” with a frown and downturned mouth.

His wide eyes indicate he’s either observing something interesting or a potential threat. His forward-facing whiskers and ears demonstrate “a comfortable posture,” DeVoss added.

What about the old cat’s look at the new kitten?

The CFTBS said that cats stare at one another to assert dominance: “A continuous stare is an intimidating gesture and often precedes a fight.”

Most cats “disapprove” a new feline companion because they are “very territorial.” They will view a new cat in the home as a “potential intruder of territory” rather than a playmate. That doesn’t mean a cat can’t form a close bond with another of its kind, though, DeVoss said.

How to introduce a kitten to an older cat

When it comes to introducing a kitten to an older cat, you should “take it slow”; give “lots and lots of great treats” while they’re together; and “burn off the kitten’s excess energy” before it seeks out the other cat to play, according to DeVoss.

Shared Treats: The CFTBS said all cat introductions, regardless of age, should be done “slowly and methodically,” starting with the new cat in a shelter. Treats and other rewards must be shared when the two pets are close.

Use a harness and leash: When you get to the introductory stage where the cats are placed in the same room, make sure one or both of them have a harness and leash. DeVoss recommends harnessing the cat, who is “more likely to lunge,” but when you’re dealing with “a feral kitten,” his movements need to be controlled. “Cats have very long memories; if there’s a bad experience between them, they’ll hold on to it, and it will increase induction time,” DeVoss said.

Get a second kitten: Another consideration would be to get an extra kitten so they can keep each other company and leave the “grumpy old man cat” alone, DeVoss said. “But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that both kitties bond with the old guy.”

The latest viral video has not been independently verified.

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