Home Alone Cast: Where They Are Today

Home alone was one of those films that brought our worst childhood nightmares to life in the most entertaining format. In it, young Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) saves himself and his home from the two most wanted burglars, Harry and Marv, with the help of carefully laid traps. As fans might recall, the film was an instant hit and even spawned a sequel. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Although Home alone Knowing that this is a thing of the past, there is no denying that the film is held in high regard in the entertainment industry and holds a special place in the hearts of moviegoers. Of course, the film’s cast has evolved since then, and has undoubtedly built a successful acting career outside of the franchise. It is likely that fans are unaware of her whereabouts. So, here is the compilation of what the Home alone occupation are to date.


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Macaulay Culkin

Home alone 7
20th Century Fox

Macaulay Culkin plays the main character of Kevin in Home alone. The actor has been on hiatus since the films ended in 1992. But later, in 2003, Macaulay got back into the film industry party monster. Since then, Culkin has mainly worked in television. Notable additions to his acting resume include: American Horror Story, The Just GemAnd :Dryvrs, among many others. Culkin recently starred in the comedy-animated film voicing the character Downtown Pat entergalactic.

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Joe Pesci

Home Alone Yule Log video prepares Joe Pesci for the holidays
20th century

Joe Pesci played the always hilarious antagonist Harry Lime Home alone. The actor after his appearance in Home alone Franchise was next seen in films such as casino (as Nicky Santoro), Deadly Weapon (lion) and dear ranch (Charlie), among many others. In fact, the actor was also linked to another hysterical nostalgic Home alone Project, Google Assistant: Home alone again. As the name suggests, the film restores the memories of OG Home alone along with a new twist on the AI ​​Recently, Pesci played the title role of Russell Bufalino in Martin Scorsese’s epic gangster film ” The Irishman

Daniel Stern

A scene from Home Alone.
20th Century Fox

Daniel Stern played the role of a fellow burglar named Marv in the film. After gaining critical acclaim for his work in the Christmas comedy, Stern signed several projects. His iconic works include Sheriff Fletcher monk (2009), Glen Babbit in Manhattan (2014-15), Dusty in Hannah and her sistersand Earl Cavendar in whip it (2009), among many others. Aside from these notable additions to his portfolio, the actor has recently starred in James vs. his future self (2019) as Jimmy.

Kieran Culkin

Home alone, Kieran-Culkin
Hughes Entertainment

Kieran Culkin plays the role of Fuller McCallister in Home alone. The actor has been quite busy since this project. Recently, Culkin has been heard voicing several television characters. His famous vocal works include: The Boys Presents: Diabolicalglens in solar opposite, and Gabriel Wolf in Agent Elvis, among many others. In addition, the actor of the famous TV series lent his acting skills successor as Roman Roy. In the past, Culkin has even been recognized for his flawless work in films like… No sudden movement (as Charley), infinity baby (as Ben), wiener dog (as Brandon) and so on.

John Heard

Parents living alone (1)
20th Century Fox

John Heard played the character of Peter McCallister, the patriarch of the McCallister household Home alone. Sadly, the actor passed away from cardiac arrest in 2017 (via The Hollywood Reporter). But before that, Heard was able to build a successful acting career. In the television industry he was best known for playing Gunther Thorpe in the hit series modern family. Aside from that, the actor has even lent his talent to movies like… live among us (as Andrew) The tale (as William Allens) and The last rampage (as Blackwell), among many others.

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Catherine O’Hara

Kate, played by Catherine O'Hara, and Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) in Home Alone.
20th Century Fox

Catherine O’Hara played the character of Kevin’s mother, Kate McCallister. It should come as no surprise that O’Hara has found success in the industry with his remarkable acting talent. The actor was mostly active in television. She was seen recently Fraggle Rock: Back to the rock, The children in the hall, central park (Gwendolyn Swish) and The last children on earth (speaks Shaelka), among many others. She gained particular acclaim for her role as Moira Rose in ” Schitt’s Creek.

Gerry Bamman

Uncle Frank
20th Century Fox

Uncle Frank, played by Gerry BammanHe was hands down the most hated character in the franchise. Unfortunately, the actor has left the entertainment industry as of 2015 and was last seen in the TV series as a character named Charles The following. Bamman previously worked in films such as Alternate Pages (as Sgt. Norman) and My secret billionaire (as Stuart Curtis). He also played roles in television series such as Made from jersey (as Judge Harrison), Law and order, And Canterbury’s Law (as Judge Hanlon).

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