Horowitz: 4.9 million reasons why we no longer need a federal government

If the federal government not only does its job, but also represents the war against national sovereignty, why should we suffer the internal tyranny that it imposes us? Isn’t the federal government all pain and no profit at this time?

Our founders have never imagined that the federal government would have so many police units with technology, resources and workers that it has today. Since the state authority was given to the states, Madison actually feared that the states would be the more likely culprit in usurpations than the federal government, which is why he originally wanted to give power to the congress veto through state legislation. Now we not only have the DHS, FBI, ATF and DEA, which are larger than the standing army that the founders presented, but also the National Institute of Health, the Department of Labor Ministry and the Ministry of Education have tactical reaction teams.

Corresponding A CRS report from 2015From the (only) 13 agencies that answered their questionnaire, there were a total of 271 tactical teams in the various offices and departments. There is now 200,000 federal employees (outside the Ministry of Defense) with firearms together with their badges, larger than the size of the US marines.

Almost none of them are used for enemies in the country and to protect our freedom. Everything is used to monitor, accept, question and now record political dissidents. So if we handed over our freedom to such giants, what did we get in return?

In essence, the most important task of the federal government is to protect us from external enemies. It starts at our border. There was now a total of a total of overall Out of 4.9 million known border incidents Almost the population of Ireland since taking office. These include roughly 3.9 million fears and almost a million Gotaways (which is probably low balling it). Our government has not only lifted its most important responsibility for the states – protection against invasion – but also in the smuggling and criminal conspiracy that has transmitted sex trade, drugs and dangerous criminals.

Our founders feared this degree of the federal government not only because not all of these federal police authorities, statutes and executive authorities about every aspect of our life (including breathing without masks!), But because it was accepted to work on external affairs. In one of the most important descriptions of the Federalist Arrangement, Madison found the design in Federalist #45 as follows:

The powers delegated by the proposed constitution to the federal government are only a few and defined. Those who are supposed to stay in the state governments are numerous and indefinite. The former is mainly exercised on external objects such as war, peace, negotiation and foreign trade. with which the taxation is largely associated. The powers that are reserved for the various states will extend to all objects that affect life, freedom and characteristics of the people in the ordinary course of the matters. And the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the state.

The federal government’s operations will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger. that of the state governments in times of peace and security. Since the former periods will probably have a small share of the latter, the state governments will enjoy another advantage over the federal government.

Why didn’t he have Federal Tyranny as long as his design was followed?

The more appropriate the federal powers can indeed be rendered in the national defense, the less often the dangerous scenes that prefer their rise to the governments of the respective states.

In view of the fact that we now have a record number of DHS and DOJ criminal prosecution officers who are not about the protection of our national border, they have all resources that can concentrate on you and me.

Maybe we need the federal government for the military, maybe they say. For real? An awakened and broken military that only exists for critical racial theory, transgenderism and nation formation for any other limit, but our own? As soon as a federal power is no longer used for its right purpose, it can only serve as a threat to our freedom in the long run.

Why do we now need a federal government where we have uniform weights, measures and currencies to remove their core defense responsibility to prevent the states from ensuring the border? All other activities should be carried out by the states. Founder Tench Coxe, a Pennsylvania delegate of the continental congress, listed in A 1788 essay The following as a conclusion for the federal government:

You cannot affect the opening of rivers and channels. the production or regulation of streets, with the exception of postal roads; To build bridges; Build ferries; Establishment of state seminars of learning; Libraries; Literary, religious, commercial or manufacturing companies; Construction or regulation of the police of cities, cities or districts; Create new government; Build light houses, public quays, gaols, markets or other public buildings; Sale of state countries and other state property; Receive or appropriation of the income of state buildings and property; Execution of state laws; change criminal law; You can also do no other affairs or things that affect the inner affairs of a state, be it legislative, executive or judicial, civil or church.

Instead of just sending the FBI and doing everything about Trump, the conservatives have to force a broader discussion in the legislators in the red state and among the governors about how we return to this original design. You must cut off the pens of the federal financing for all functions mentioned above with your accompanying official regulations and the police authority to enforce nebulous (or even phantom) laws against political opponents.

In contrast to Mike Pences feelings, the dismantling of these agencies is not similar to the abolition of the police. Our founders introduced themselves to state and local police and a national military – not dozens of national police forces that are larger than a military. Police authority is the breastfeeding government instrument and needs to examine local politics that inherent the district’s elections, mayor as well as legislative and executive positions in the district. When Madison warned During the constitutional convent “a constant military force with an overgrown executive will not be a safe companion for freedom”, he certainly never presented this degree of an executive department with this number of paramilitary organizations.

The purpose of the foundation of a federal union was to “establish justice, to assure domestic calm, to ensure that we defend common defense, to promote general well -being and to secure the blessing of freedom for us and our posterity” for things in which the states were not able to be able to do so. But what we have today is a government that is committed to the opposite of justice by subjecting true violence and frame their opponents, shortening our military, enable the cartels to control our border and create monopolies for transhumistic world economic forum types at costs of general well -being and the freedoms of the people.

Instead of protecting the ideals shown in the preamble of the constitution, the federal government raises each of them and prevents others from maintaining them. Nowhere is this clearer than on the border. If you have simply abolished the federal government, the states could have a struggle chance to secure the border. But now Fox ‘Bill Melugin is reporting that the Texas Guardsmen close the gates from illegal foreigners, but there is border patrol and it opens!

What attributes us to the original question: at this point in time when our desideratum as civilization justice, calm, the common defense, general well -being and securing the blessing of freedom, why do you have a federal government at all? I can certainly imagine many repulsive activities of the federal government without which we can live. Can you imagine one now that we have to live with?

https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/horowitz-need-federal-government Horowitz: 4.9 million reasons why we no longer need a federal government

Laura Coffey

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