Horror at Tale of Woman, who only drank coffee and Mountain Dew for 5 years

A healthcare worker has shockingly revealed she worked with a patient who hadn’t drunk water in five years, saying it’s more common than you think.

Mo, who describes herself as a physical therapist, tweeted to her account under the username @Covergirl53 as she shared the horrific story.

Mo, whose profile shows she lives in Houston, Texas, said: “I examined a patient today who has not drunk water in over 5 years. coffee and mountain dew. I was able to convince her to drink a cup a day. ONE. Health care makes me tired.”

The tweet posted on Tuesday has since racked up more than 160,000 likes and can be seen here while also being shared on Reddit.

“Oh boy… How do people live like this?” Redditor RoyalSocks captioned the image, which includes a now-deleted tweet from Mo. It said: “Your skin looks like crumpled foil.

“And she was staring at me like I was the crazy one. The whole body full of arthritis. No bottom teeth.”

Mo posted follow-up tweets and responded to comments as she shared more information.

“She’s not the first patient I’ve had. I prioritize wellness when it comes to my patients, I don’t play it. She said no doctor ever asked her if she drank water. I can’t fathom going a day without water,” Mo wrote.

While she explained, “She said to me and I quote, ‘I’m always thirsty.’ I just looked at her in disbelief. She’s not the first either.”

In response to Mizzo’s question, “Why isn’t she drinking water?” Mo replied, “She said it’s nasty.”

Scores of people shared in the comments how much water they were drinking while discussing hydration education.

Noeinan admitted: “Tbh, I drink tea (rooibos, no caffeine) instead of water. I don’t like the taste but everyone says I’m crazy and water has no taste. I’m sure I’m just more sensitive to the minerals in the water. Like people who taste cilantro like soap.

Vert commented, “It’s an eye opener for me to see people’s reactions. I’ve been drinking about 8 cups of coffee a day and 2 teas for the past 20 years. I drink a cold drink every two weeks at most. I don’t like cold drinks and warm water is terrible. You know what, I’m going to try and see what happens.”

Wendy said, “I didn’t drink water until I was 25 because my tap water was gross and I couldn’t justify spending money on bottles when it wasn’t necessary.”

Shaggs thought, “Probably the same reason people drink beer and ale over water — their water is bad. There are so many reasons why this is a common problem and while I understand it, it’s also kind of sad.”

King Kong Delicious wrote: “I can’t go an hour without water. Hearing people say they don’t drink it or it’s gross really upsets and confuses me.”

I was able to convince her to drink a cup a day. ONE.”


EKW said: “I’m a senior and never tasted anything but water until my teens and then had a cup of black tea or coffee now and then. Til today.”

Her wife Mymouth admitted: “My friend’s mum claims she can’t drink water or it will upset her stomach. She wakes up every day and the first thing she has is a Pepsi for the caffeine.”

“How’s your kidney function? She definitely doesn’t have a lot of kidney stones,” @ananniebiotic asked.

C. revealed, “I had a patient who said the reason she doesn’t drink water is because it has no taste.”

In response to many people’s admission, Mo advised people to add lemons or cucumbers to their water for some flavor.

In follow-up tweets, she said: “I have stories for days, honestly my job should be a movie. Please ensure that all grandparents drink water and not just pots of coffee. I have a man who drinks 11 cups a day…”

Although there is no definitive amount an adult should be drinking each day, Harvard Medical School says, “The daily rule of four to six cups applies to generally healthy people.

“But even a healthy person’s water needs vary, especially if you lose water through sweat, exercise or being outside on a hot day.”

Water has many benefits as they explained, it aids in digestion, helps cushion joints, regulates body temperature and helps transport nutrients to cells.

If you don’t drink enough, you could become dehydrated, as the website adds: “Warning signs of dehydration include weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion, or dark urine.”

Drinks that contain caffeine, alcohol, and sugar count toward your total fluid intake, but they’re not the same as drinking water.

“Remember that sugary drinks can lead to weight gain and inflammation, which can increase your risk of developing conditions like diabetes. Too much caffeine can make you jittery or keep you from sleeping,” the website added.

news week asked Mo for a comment.

File photo of carbonated beverages.
File photo of carbonated beverages. The story of a woman who didn’t drink water for 5 years caused horror.
LoraLiu/Getty Images

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