Horror games to play if you like Resident Evil

There’s no denying how influential the Resident Evil series has been in the world of survival horror. Even gamers not actively involved in the horror genre have likely heard of Resident Evil, thanks to its many character crossovers in other titles, as well as its film series and animated adventures. Capcom has done an exceptional job of keeping players engaged with every Resident Evil title, and has done well to listen to fans over the years by returning to the horror elements that made the franchise so popular when it got “too action-packed”. centered” for some tastes.

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The recent release of Resident Evil: Village was another amazing entry in the franchise, and with a Resident Evil 4 remake on the horizon, players have a lot to look forward to for the series. But those eagerly awaiting the next part can turn to these other Resident Evil-like releases to fill the gap.

Silent Hill 2

Perhaps one of the next titles “like Resident Evil,” Silent Hill had its own successful franchise that has spawned some great (and terrifying) games over the years. Although fans should start with the original Silent Hill if they want to experience the entire franchise, Silent Hill 2 is perhaps the best game in the series.

As well as having an amazing story, Silent Hill 2 is packed with interesting (albeit weird) puzzles, Resident Evil-style combat, and the same jerky camera that made the original Resident Evil such a surreal yet immersive experience . This should be where all Resident Evil fans start looking for similar games.

The evil in

Similar to Resident Evil, The Evil Within is a horror survival game that plays similar to the legendary franchise but with an updated feel. A game all of its own, The Evil Within is a surreal nightmare that plunges into the mind of its protagonist while battling all sorts of terrifying enemies and bosses.

The Evil Within feels like a traditional Resident Evil title, with similar combat, puzzles, and chillingly tense moments, but forgoes the jerky camera and tank controls for something that’s a lot more palatable to modern audiences. It’s definitely an experience that Resident Evil fans should enjoy.

Empty room

Resident Evil in Space sounds like a silly concept, but the overall execution for Dead Space turns this seemingly spontaneous idea into a game franchise that is absolutely stunning. While the recent Dead Space was a bit too action-packed for a horror-hungry audience, the original two games are perhaps some of the most gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking games to ever hit the market.

Players who enjoy the Resident Evil series will find many similar gameplay elements that feel “at home” in Dead Space, but should be aware that it is a game all its own, with its own complexities and mechanics that make it feel like a full game fresh franchise in the genre.

Foreigners: isolation

Another sci-fi inspired title, this one is way more horror than even the original Alien movies. Players will not take up arms and solve strange puzzles, nor will they fight powerful bosses. Instead, they find themselves isolated, alone on a ship with one of the most predatory and fearsome alien creatures in all of Hollywood.

Alien: Isolation takes a pre-made horror monster and cranks the dial up to 11, leaving players feeling utterly helpless as they do everything in their power to hide from and escape from the acid-spitting creature.


When it comes to feeling helpless and alone, there are few games quite as terrifying as Outlast. Alien: Isolation chokes players on the idea that somewhere a Xenomorph is waiting to pounce on them, but Outlast introduces the player to the idea that danger could be lurking around every corner.

Armed only with a camcorder, players must hide, run and outwit their ghostly opponents to survive the horrific ordeal. Outlast does a fantastic job of keeping the player on their toes by constantly exposing them to new threats.


Onimusha was definitely a title that flew under the radar for many. While it looks like a simple samurai-inspired release from the outside, it’s actually far more sinister once players start making their way through the game. Onimusha closely resembles a Resident Evil release. It features the same horror-esque camera angles, as well as a bunch of weird puzzles for players to solve.

All of this is packed by hordes of demonic enemies that players must fight through with a variety of weapons. It’s a great experience and a nice change of pace for those who want to experience something akin to Resident Evil in terms of gameplay.

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