How Cut Merchant’s storyline would have worked

That elden ring Kalé Quest is an intriguing piece of edited content from the hugely popular FromSoftware game. Kalé, a merchant that players come into contact with at the very beginning elden ring, stays where you find him throughout the game: the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. However, content unearthed by dataminers tells a very different story when it comes to the character, who had a very different storyline that was eventually excised from the retail version of elden ring.

Kalé usually stays put and sells your accumulated items. Finally, he gives you instructions on how to find Blaidd, the half-man, half-wolf who can be seen in the Misty Forest Ruins. As a guardian and companion to Ranni the Witch, Blaidd can also become a Summon if you play your cards right. Trader Kalé informs your Tainted of wolf howls that can be heard in the woods and imparts knowledge of the finger snap gesture to use with Blaidd.

While Kalé’s function is somewhat broader than that of the other traders in elden ring, he is the only one who actually has a name. That’s part of what makes it unique, especially considering the content cut from the game that would have bought it more time in the spotlight. In fact, his potential quest line would have given him a much bigger role in the game.

Interested to learn more about the elden ring Merchant Kalé and the abridged content that the game could have contained? Read on to learn how Kalé’s story may have unfolded.

Elden Ring: Merchant Kale
Merchant Kalé in the ‘Elden Ring’ sits by the campfire. The character originally had a much longer questline than the current one, which has been removed from the game.
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elden ring Kalé: What you should know about edited content

Dataminer Sekiro Dubi originally uncovered the truth behind Kalé’s quest. Instead of leading the Tainted to Blaidd, Kalé would have explained how the merchants in the Lands Between were actually part of a group called the Grand Caravan.

Despite being part of a team, the traders have always been viewed as underdogs, a status made worse by the fact that the Great Caravan has all but disappeared. Kalé is determined to find out where the caravan went, which is the beginning of a much bigger story for the item seller.

Kalé took the Tainted on a tour of several areas, culminating in the underground avoidance grounds found at Leyndell, Royal Capital (or Ashen Capital). This is the same location where Dung Eater can be found as part of an additional quest. More importantly, this is where the Three Fingers, part of the Lord of the Frenzied Flame game ending, can be found – near the Cathedral of the Forsaken.

This area is full of corpses and a few remaining living souls. Normally you would wonder what happened here – some kind of massacre? There is little context in the retail version of the game to help you conclude, or at least one with an answer that you can glean from the game’s content. Most of the character models here are dressed like the merchants and Kalé himself. The cut content story datamined by Sekiro Dubi allows Kalé to explain what happened here: The Great Caravan worshiped the Raging Flame and they were executed by the Golden Order for it – along with the Three Fingers.

So Kalé isn’t exactly thrilled since he’s lost all his people. So now he follows the Frenzied Flame trying to wreak havoc on the Lands Between. You probably wouldn’t be happy with the Golden Order either, because it destroyed your people. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Kalé’s edited content – maybe in another elden ring Guess or DLC, we’ll find out more. How Cut Merchant’s storyline would have worked

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