How diesel shortages fuel inflation

have diesel fuel prices
rose to record levels, contributing to already record high inflation in the US. But most Americans don’t drive cars that run on diesel, and many have turned to electric vehicles (EVs) to avoid the ever-increasing pain at the pump. How would diesel shortages – and the resulting sky-high prices – affect you or your budget?

On Monday’s radio show, Glenn Beck explained why every American should be concerned about rising diesel prices.

“Diesel fuel is the fuel that drives the economy,” Glenn began. “How does this work? Well, let’s start again in China. If you want something from China, you have to put it on a big boat, a slow boat from China, and it runs on diesel.

“Then it makes its way to our docks,” he continued. “You know all these big cranes and everything else that takes this crap off the ship and then puts it on the ground? Diesel fueled. And then the forklifts that come and pick it up and then take it to the train, they run on diesel. And then the train, these engines, they run on diesel. And then the trucks that make it from the train halfway across the country, where they are picked up again by the forklifts, which run on diesel. Then they.” reloaded into another truck, which also runs on diesel.”

“I really hope that all the people who are bragging about their electric cars while gas prices are skyrocketing also have a backup plan for their food. Because when diesel prices go crazy, so does the price of EVERYTHING,” Glenn posted on Twitter.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn explain how diesel shortages will affect us all:

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