How does Loki live in Disney Plus’ Loki?

Listen, I’ve been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade Loki He was my favorite character most of the time, and even my head spins when I try to keep up with the slippery, mischievous anti-hero.

Loki has fooled us and Thor into thinking he is dead about four times in the past, up until the events at the very beginning Infinity War Where it looked like his death would be final this time. In a way it was, but fundamentally it wasn’t at all.

Didn’t Loki die? Infinity War?

Loki presents the Space Stone/Tesseract in Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War.
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Yes. Loki died at the beginning at the cruel, arrogant hands of Thanos Infinity War. The few of us who were led to believe that this would be the last time we would see Tom Hiddleston in the MCU were understandably uncomfortable seeing such an iconic character suffer such a casual end . Luckily, Kevin Feige and company had another trick up their sleeves, and one film later, we Loki heads could relax, knowing that his story would continue.

To be clear: the version of Loki we followed in three parts Thor Movies and a half avenger Films died in Infinity War. This part is heartbreaking because it represents the growth we’ve watched him make Ragnarok was basically free. However, during their Time Heist, the Avengers failed in their attempt to retrieve the Space Stone EndgameThey essentially helped release the version of Loki we knew until the events of the Battle of New York (2012). This brings us to the first season of Loki.

How is Loki alive in the Disney Plus series?


After Tony, Scott, and the Hulk literally dropped the Tesseract and the Space Stone within it at Loki’s feet, the God of Mischief used it to escape his imprisonment and create a separate timeline that sent him to a desert in brought to Mongolia. The Time Variance Authority, also known as the organization founded by the Kang variant called “He Who Remains” to ensure the protection of the Sacred Timeline, showed up and arrested Loki, taking him to their headquarters at the End of Time and pruned the new branch of time which he had created.

Loki was transformed into a TVA agent and began working with them to monitor the Sacred Timeline, which he ultimately wanted to control. Of course, nothing in the MCU ever goes exactly as planned, so Loki and his variant Sylvie ultimately caused the destruction of the Sacred Timeline, unleashing multiversal chaos and setting the stage for more, nastier variants of Kang to wreak havoc in time and space once again.

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