How to get Torkoal during Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Pokemon GO has featured several regional exclusive Pokemon over the years, which they have released worldwide for limited periods, with Pokemon GO Fest 2022 temporarily bringing one of them worldwide with Torkoal.

Torkoal is joining Tropius as a regional exclusive to be a part of Pokemon GO Fest 2022 worldwide, making her a highly desirable Pokemon without question.

This means players will want to know how to get their hands on as many Torkoal as possible during the event, and there are several options, albeit with the premise that you buy the GO Fest 2022 event ticket.

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Who is Torkoal?

Like Tropius, Torkoal was introduced in Gen III in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as a Fire-type Pokemon. Listed as a Coal-type Pokémon, it resembles a turtle with volcanic-looking holes on its back that glow red.

Historically, Torkoal has been a regional exclusivity for parts of South Asia including India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and more. Thankfully, after all this time, people around the world will also get a chance to get one.

How to catch it during Pokemon GO Fest 2022

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to get a Torkoal during Pokemon GO Fest 2022 without purchasing the $14.99 event ticket. Purchasing this ticket gives you access to two ways to get a Torkoal, although one of them is a one-time only option.

The first of these is activating Incense during the Plains Habitat Hours of GO Fest 2022. Once you activate the Incense, you will have a chance to find Torkoal in the wild around the world.

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Your one-time surefire way to get a Torkoal is to fight your way through the ticket-exclusive Shaymin-based Special Research, which will be released during GO Fest on Saturday. One of the quests here will reward you with a Torkoal encounter, although there is only one available with this method.

While incense spawns for the event are also said to be boosted while stationary, it’s best to walk around as much as possible during those event hours so you have a chance to catch as many Torkoal as possible when the Plains Habitat Hours are active during Pokemon GO Fest 2022. How to get Torkoal during Pokemon GO Fest 2022

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