How to use the Barbie selfie maker

Come on barbie let’s make a meme!

A new teaser trailer and clever character poster for the movie of the year, Greta Gerwigs Barbie, debuted on Tuesday (April 4) and set the internet on fire with memes. If you want to join in the fun and make your own Barbie Character posters with a custom slogan “This Barbie is…” you’re in luck. In a stroke of genius, the Barbie team has developed a Barbie selfie generator(Opens in a new tab) to fulfill all your wildest This Barbie and This Ken dreams.


It’s a ‘Barbie’ world on Twitter

If you’re a novice meme maker, you’ve come to the right place, just follow this guide.

To create a This Barbie meme:

1. Navigate to the Barbie Selfie Generator website(Opens in a new tab).

2. Select “Start”.

A screenshot of the landing page for the Barbie selfie maker.

You’ll be a Barbie in no time.
Photo credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

3. Take or upload a photo of yourself.

An upload page for the Barbie selfie maker.

Time to upload!
Photo credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

4. To take a photo, tap the camera icon on the left. To upload a photo, tap the arrow icon on the left.

After you have taken or uploaded your photo, select Next.

5. Use the arrow keys to reposition your image. To zoom in and out of the photo, drag the pink circle toward or away from the plus and minus signs.

A screenshot of the reposition page on the barbie seflie generator with arrows pointing up, down, left, and right

Easy enough right?
Photo credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

6. To edit the text under This Barbie Is, select the pencil icon.

To change the text to “This Ken is”, select “Ken”.

7. To change the color of the selfie, tap the pain icon and select the color you want.

8. When your poster is perfect, select Next.

A black cat in the center of the Barbie logo.

An artwork!
Photo credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

9. Tap “Download” to save it.

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