Husband praised for trying to solve problem for wife with new underwear

A husband posted a hilarious rendition of a scenario involving a poorly presented gift for his wife on Reddit — and has already received 20,000 upvotes.

In the post where user Typical_AD_210 says he is “FU [f**ked up] again‘ he describes how his wife ‘complains’ her discomfort from sweating throughout the summer, especially in the chest area.

“Well, this isn’t my first rodeo,” he wrote, “so I stuck to just listening sympathetically and nodding at appropriate times.” No comments that could be misconstrued as criticizing her boobs or sweating or anything. (She’s not even sweatier than the average person, and her boobs are amazing, but I digress.) And there’s absolutely NO way I would try to “solve” her problem. Just a husband who’s an idiot masochist. would do that, right ?”

He goes on to describe how he happened to receive an email advertisement for “The Sweatproof Bra. “Of course any sane person would delete the email, but like I said, I’m an idiotic masochist. Also, the email said this bra would be my wife’s “new boob friend”. Who was I to keep her from her breast friend?

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The risky business of giving. Image from a photo agency. A husband got caught in hot water after buying his wife a thoughtful gift.
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“So I checked the sizes of her other bras and then placed an order. He arrived about an hour ago. I knew what it would be, so I gave it to her unopened.”

Needless to say, his wife was less than thrilled with the delivery of the useful gift. “Well I’m sure you can imagine how it went from there and my stupid mumbling of ‘but the ad said it was your new breast friend’ didn’t help. Because apparently I am the only sweaty tit here. I don’t find her sexy anymore. I want you to know that these sweaty breasts fed and nurtured our children. And what exactly am I getting at? Am I saying that she has saggy breasts? That she needs a new bra? A more supportive one for her aging sacks. That is just like me, trying to solve a problem instead of venting it.”

She then took the kids swimming, giving the husband “about two hours to try and salvage things somehow.

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surprise gift. Image from a photo agency. The hashtag #couplesgiftideas has over 106 million views on TikTok.
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In an edit, he added: “They just got back. She has ice cream for me and a sheepish grin lol. I think we’ll laugh about this after the kids go to bed. As someone said, possibly my delivery, as if it were going to be a great gift, contributed to their reaction. As is the fact that I haven’t bought her sexy underwear for a long time. And she may be going through perimenopause right now. We have an amazing relationship, she is so fun, kind, caring, relaxed, witty and a million other good things. Her reaction was amazing, it was so out of character. Anyway, I’ll read the kids their stories and put them to bed. She always sleeps incredibly well after swimming so hopefully we can both enjoy her sweaty boobs soon lol.”

gifts for couples

Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day. For most couples, these events call for the perfect gift. However, it is known that no matter how long you have been together and how much you love each other, the perfect gift is an illusory creature. No wonder #couplesgiftideas has over 106 million views on TikTok.

You could be lucky and have an incredibly understanding partner who likes the beautiful things but is just as passionate about something simple. Take the couple Caitlin and Leah with their video that has over 2 million views.

You could get crafty and do something really special (not like Chandler and the Sock Bunny) like this imaginative friend who has been viewed over eight million times on TikTok on DIY Bag Studio.

Or you could take the classic “You don’t have to get me anything” line quite literally, like The J Family’s Myley, to the dismay of her husband but the delight of over 400,000 viewers.

On his side

Despite the original user’s own admission of guilt, he was fairly well supported in the comments. “I know everyone is different but it really seems like a thoughtful gift,” said one user with almost ten thousand likes, while another person wrote:

“Agreed! It means that he not only listened, but cared enough to see something and say, “Oh, I bet that would help solve this problem!” and then did it with the intention of to help! It’s super cute and even if it was a failure, that’s still a great thing for a husband. A way to discourage thoughtful gifts in the future.

One person commented on stereotypical masculine traits: “This is quintessentially male problem-solving that for some reason is the most commonly misunderstood,” and another shared her own experience: “My husband got me an electric toothbrush and extra spare heads for my birthday ahead of one.” few years. I’ve used a regular toothbrush my whole life and sometimes made covetous remarks about his electric toothbrush. It wasn’t the most romantic gift. But I use them every day!” Husband praised for trying to solve problem for wife with new underwear

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