I asked my husband to leave a party early and he’s angry – I should be the priority

Bella and Hugh have been married for eight years and have two children together, aged six and four, and are expecting a third.

Bella is seven months pregnant and this time it’s the absolute worst.

She suffers from nausea, heartburn and general fatigue, is exhausted most of the time, and relies on Hugh to do most of the household tasks and look after the children, which he has no problem with.

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The husband was “frustrated” that his wife had “forced” him to leave the reception early

“He’s done great, and everything is still running smoothly, although I can do about a third of the household and children’s things that I normally do,” she said Reddit.

One morning the couple received an invitation to a wedding for an old friend who knew Bella from university.

Hugh was really excited about the event as it would allow him to meet old friends he hadn’t seen in years, so he asked his parents if they could look after their children at the weekend.

The wedding was a three-hour drive away, so the couple booked a hotel. This gave them the opportunity to fully enjoy the reception and not have to worry about the long drive home.

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The wedding was soon approaching and Bella and Hugh were ready to enjoy the celebration. So far, so good.

“I felt fine all day until halfway through the reception,” she said. “But it was like I hit a wall energetically and got terrible heartburn.”

Hugh joined his friends who he really wanted to see, leaving Bella alone in the corner as she battled heartburn. After a while Hugh returned to “check” on Bella; She told him she felt sick and wanted to go home.

“He asked me if I would be comfortable taking the shuttle back to the hotel alone so he could stay here and continue socializing,” she wrote. “I told him that if I got worse, I wanted him to come back to the room with me so he could take care of me.”

He was upset but agreed, left the reception he had been waiting for for weeks and drove home with his wife. When they arrived back at the hotel, Bella was “so exhausted that I immediately fell asleep.”

“He said if he had known I would just fall asleep, he would have stayed at the front desk longer.”

The next day Hugh woke up in a bad mood. He was “short” with her and refused to give her anything other than “one word answers.” On the drive home, she asked him “what his deal was” and he confessed that he was “frustrated” because she “forced” him to leave the reception, only to have her immediately fall asleep.

“He said that didn’t really give him a choice because if he stayed, I would still accuse him of ‘choosing wrong’ even if I fell asleep immediately.”

She was outraged by the comment, claiming she never “forced” him to go anywhere and that her health “should be his priority over any social event anyway.”

“He said this was the first social interaction he had had in months, and with the arrival of the new baby, it would likely be his last social interaction of this kind in months,” she said. “He said he was just enjoying acting like an adult instead of a father for a night, and he’s allowed to enjoy the frustration that ended him.”

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“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

Although Bella insisted that she never “forced” her husband to leave the wedding, people on Reddit didn’t believe her.

“Her cognitive dissonance to say she didn’t *make* him when she’s 100 percent emotionally manipulative is unreal,” one stunned person wrote.

“It’s not that I didn’t give him a choice – I just told him that every choice was wrong!” someone laughed.

Others wondered why Hugo didn’t return to the party after Bella fell asleep. “If she was feeling worse, she could have called him,” someone said.

“[She could have] “I simply asked him to walk her back to the room but make it clear to him that it was okay for him to go back alone once she calmed down or fell asleep,” another added.

But others predicted she would be angry if he returned to the party without her. “That sounds like a trap to me. If he had decided to stay, she would have been mad at him for not making her health a priority,” one woman said. “He had no choice but to go with her. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.”

*Names have been changed.

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