I thought my waters broke playing tennis with friends – now I’m embarrassed

At 38 weeks pregnant, she tried everything to induce labour, but nothing worked.

However, as a mother of two, she had a few tricks up her sleeve to get the ball rolling.

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Pickball Delivery

The mother-to-be ruptured her waters during a pickleball game

in one tick tock In this clip, the Florida resident was enjoying the sun and playing a game of pickleball.

She held the racquet in one hand and waited for the ball to be passed to her from the other side of the net. A split second later, she jumped into the air to hit the oncoming ball.

She landed on the floor with a thud and laughed before realizing something was wrong. She staggered backwards and put her hand under her stomach and near her crotch.

Laughing and panting, she realized that her wish had come true – her water broke.

Fluid poured out of her, spilling onto her legs and the blue courtyard. “Pickleball did it!” She captioned the clip.

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“Did your water burst or did you have an accident?”

The video quickly went viral, racking up over 32 million views in the six days since it was uploaded.

While there was an outpouring of congratulations to the mother-to-be, some hinted that the “water” wasn’t what she thought.

“…or you peed a little,” someone laughed. “Girls, a strong breeze might send me to the bathroom at 30 weeks,” said another. “This child lived on my bladder.”

“Did you know it was your water or did you just think you had an accident?” asked another.

Well, it turns out those women were right. Shailene’s waters didn’t rupture at all.

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“Grateful to still carry this little man”

In a series of follow-up clipsThe American confirmed after the pickleball game that she was still pregnant. She sat on an exercise ball and covered her face in embarrassment.

“When the world thinks your waters have broken but you have a weak bladder,” she wrote clip.

But Shailene was not disappointed; She got up and started dancing. “No matter what, I just have to live it out!” she said. “Grateful to still carry this little man.”

Those who guessed correctly felt vindicated, surrounded by others who shared their premature excitement and eventual realization.

“We’ve all been through that!” shouted a woman. “I know how you feel!” said another.

“Haha, there it was! It happens during pregnancy and afterwards,” added one mother. “It happened to me with my first one, too,” one comment said.

To encourage childbirth, Shailene plans to keep her body moving until her baby is born.

“I hope that if I stay active, I’ll get him the eviction notice sooner,” she laughed.

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