“I told my sister that her son was nothing special – he’s a brat who ruins everything.”

*Dana comes from a large family and her eldest sister Vera* always wanted to start a family of her own.

However, she struggled with fertility problems from the start. Throughout her 20’s and early 30’s, Vera had experienced more than ten miscarriages.

It was a tough and torturous experience for her, so the family was over the moon when she became pregnant with their rainbow baby.

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“Your son is special to you, but to everyone else he’s a spoiled brat.”

She gave birth to their child Aaron*, a healthy and happy boy. Her sister Dana explained it Reddit That everyone knew Aaron, who is now five years old, was a miracle.

“But then it leads to Vera spoiling her son and letting him get away with everything because he’s a ‘miracle’ and ‘special,'” she said. “That’s why everyone always bit their tongue when it came to their son.”

Dana, who has a one-year-old daughter, was invited to a family reunion with some close friends and family. But Vera and Aaron weren’t invited, so Dana extended the invitation to both of them so she wouldn’t feel left out.

“We had different activities for the kids,” Dana explained. But Aaron didn’t enjoy the activities or games, instead being “pissed off” that “none of the gifts were for him.”

“He wouldn’t eat any of what we had,” the Canadian continued. “Then he decided to kick the cake off the table because he was obviously pissed that the cake wasn’t his.”

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Dana was fed up with her nephew’s attitude and cheeky behavior and confronted her sister about it.

“She went on to say her son was special,” Dana said.

“I have said that her son is special to her, which is understandable. But to everyone else, he’s a spoiled brat who shouldn’t be overlooked because he was your very special miracle baby.”

Her sister’s words shamed Vera, so she called her a “slut and cried.”

Since the uncomfortable incident, other family members have defended Vera and her problematic child, calling her younger sister Dana an asshole and heartless.

They named her that because she “never had to deal with a miscarriage” and therefore “didn’t understand how painful it was for Vera to deal with it for years in front of her son.”

Dana disagreed. “It’s not that I don’t realize that her son is special to her, but it’s no excuse for Vera to allow him to behave like a spoiled brat,” she said.

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“Your nephew needs manners and your sister needs a wake-up call”

Others agreed with Dana’s point of view.

“Even though he’s her miracle baby, no one else in the world will coddle him but her, and she’s raising him to be a spoiled, demanding brat who will only cause trouble later in life,” one comment read. “He needs manners and discipline, and your sister needs a wake-up call.”

“So I’ve experienced multiple miscarriages and I understand the pain,” one woman wrote. “You’re not the asshole.”

“It can be tragic and traumatic and something that never leaves you,” agreed another. “It’s still no excuse for raising a legitimate child that no other human being can bear to be around. It could result in the poor child having a difficult life ahead of them and a difficult life for those around them.”

“I think my kids are very special,” added one parent. “So I won’t do them a disservice if I don’t raise them right.

“If you really cared about your children and their happiness, you would have prepared them for the world and given them the tools they need,” they continued. “I didn’t raise a legitimate brat that nobody wants to be with.”

*Names have been changed

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