I took 18 pieces of luggage on vacation, now people think I’m crazy

A Sydney mother has been criticized online for taking 18 bags on holiday.

Music Artist Joanne Hadjia – aka Joey Djia — shared a now-viral clip on TikTok of her trip to the US with her two little twins and her husband.

The 32-year-old mum flew from Sydney to San Francisco earlier this month with her husband Omar and their twin girls Ava and Aya.

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The recording artist decided to document his entire experience on Tick ​​tock to show the reality of traveling around the world with her two eight-month-old babies.

In the now-viral clip, which has racked up nearly 2 million views, she shares how her family of four took 18 pieces of luggage for the trip – something that caused her comments section to explode.

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“I was honestly shocked by people’s comments”

While many understood the reasons why they had to take so many bags, others were confused and some even angry.

“It’s incredible how much care people have taken of our luggage,” Joey told news.com.au.

“I understand when I look at it it might seem overdone. But I was honestly shocked by people’s comments.

“It’s like they’re paying for our flights and being asked to move our luggage around.” “I would never get angry if someone did something for themselves that didn’t harm anyone or anything, especially if it didn’t cause me any inconvenience at all prepared.” .

“Everyone on the internet was telling me what I should have done instead. The airline had no problem with our luggage and neither did we.

“As a family of four, we had 14 pieces of luggage free with our tickets, as each baby was allowed to have a stroller, a baby bag and two pieces of baby luggage.

“Omar and I were allowed to take the usual carry-on bags and personal items, as well as one suitcase each.

“We only spent an additional $300 on extra bags, two of which were filled with our portable recording studio set up for work.

“The third was for my husband’s golf clubs and the fourth was a huge batch of my trusted Australian organic baby food, which you can’t get in the US.

“Most of what we took away was for the girls.”

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“We had no problems with the bags”

A lot of people in the comments felt the couple should have just “buyed everything new” in the US, but Joey pointed out how wasteful and expensive that would be by comparison.

“People assume babies need less luggage, but the truth is they actually need more than adults,” she said.

“Small children obviously need less as they don’t have strollers, car seats, cribs, etc.

“But people said I should have bought everything new, but that would have cost me easily over $4,000. Why on earth would I do that?

“And as far as renting the items, that would have cost us over $8,000.

“We had no problems with the bags and were unpacked within an hour of arriving in San Francisco.

“People on the internet kept comparing and saying they’d moved to countries with far lower incomes, but everyone’s situation is different.

“I think people don’t like it when other people do things they can’t do.”

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“It’s hard with one baby, let alone two”

Joey added that while traveling with two babies can be daunting, with the right preparation it can be a smooth experience.

“It’s difficult with one baby, let alone two, but it can be done.” She said.

“We timed them so they could have a bottle during takeoff to prevent earaches and crying, and we also arranged bassinets for both girls in advance.

“We made sure to bring plenty of snacks for the girls and for us, and headphones to muffle the harsh noises that would wake them up.

“I also put things in clear ziplock bags so they’re easier to find when you’re frustrated and exhausted.

“I organized a van at both ends to handle the luggage.”

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“I’m glad I was able to explain the reason and logic of the bags.”

The family will remain in the US for just over three months, with Joey’s husband Omar being American and the couple is actually meeting in Los Angeles for the first time.

Together they own a music company called Djia Media and five recording studios spread across LA called RecordBook.

They also own a trucking company.

“I’m happy to share my experiences as a mom to help others be more humane about the real challenges women face,” she added.

“I never hide my issues and have shared my entire pregnancy and the emergency birth of my twins online.

“After this particular video went viral, I was glad I was able to explain the reason and logic of the bags to encourage more moms to overcome the fear of traveling with their kids.”

“We are very fortunate to be able to work and run our businesses anywhere in the world,” she said.

“Omar’s parents and extended family live near San Francisco, so we decided to go there.

“The twins were born in Australia but have dual citizenship and Omar and I have the opportunity to live in both places for immigration reasons.”

While baggage allowances vary by country and airline, Qantas states that passengers with infants can take a collapsible stroller, collapsible crib, crib, car seat or baby capsule on all flights.

In addition, customers traveling with infants or young children are permitted to carry a reasonable quantity of liquid, aerosol or gel products on board for the duration of the flight and any delays. However, this is at the discretion of the security controller under customs.

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