I use a sneaky bribe to get my kids in the car every morning

As a parent, can you honestly say that you have never bribed your children? I can’t. I don’t think I’ve ever met a parent who hasn’t bribed their children.

And I recently realized that I bribe her on a daily basis.

It didn’t start with deliberate bribery – I didn’t wake up one day and decide, ‘Today I’m going to bribe my kids.’ It happened naturally – and I like to think it made us all happier.

Call it bad parenting. call it what you want It works and it works well.

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“Best Mom Hack Ever”

I use vitamin gummies to get my kids in the car everyday and this is the best mommy hack ever.

When you have young children and need to get them in the car to get to work (or school, or really anywhere) on time, we all know it can be a really difficult task. A child may ignore you every time you ask them to put their shoes on, while the toddler turns into a solid steel bar as you try to push them into their car seat.

They refuse, ignore, run around, repeat.

Whatever the morning with young children, it’s usually chaos.

I used to be always on time, but I have a hard time getting out the door no matter how organized I am.

Until… I got my kids hooked on gummy vitamins. (Or sometimes a magnesium tablet for children).

Okay, I admit that they are not “addicted”. Both are only allowed the recommended dose “1 per day”. They know that. And that’s all they get. I think that’s what makes it so tempting for them…because if they had free reign, I know my son would eat the whole pack.

So I choose my timing very carefully.

I know they love it. I know if I mention a jelly bean they will stop what they are doing. And I know they will do anything I ask just to get it.

So why not ask them to get in their car seat and let them know they can get their gummy vitamin once they’re secured in it?

“Win-win situation”

Are you happy. I’m happy because they’re listening and for once we’ll be on time. AND they get their daily multivitamin?

It’s a win-win-win situation!

I just need to make sure we’re all fully prepared. bags in the car. I’m ready to jump in the car.

Then I yell, “Who wants a vitamin gummies” or “Would you like a magnesium?”

And they come running. “I do. I do!”

(My two-year-old says “Nesium Nesium”).

“Sure, just put your shoes on and let’s jump in the car. Once you’re pinched, you can have your jelly bean.”

“okay mom”

We’re free today!

It’s been like this for a few weeks now and it still works like a charm. I know that one day it could change. When the vitamin gummies get old, we’ll most likely move on to the next mommy hack.

Until someone can come up with a really good, sane reason why giving my kids vitamin gums as a bribe to get in the car isn’t the best trick ever, I’ll keep doing it every day.

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