If Rian Johnson uses Andrew Tate’s demise as inspiration for Knives Out 3, it could be his most important film to date

Rian Johnson is the talk of the entertainment world with his recently released film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and the success of his star-powered knife out Film empire so far. From Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Evans to Dave Bautista and Janelle Monáe, Daniel Craig’s puzzle-solving skills have brought him together with some of our favorite actors and actresses on two films, with a third potentially on the horizon.

That’s right, Johnson is already looking forward to a third part, although the idea of ​​having them all knife out there isn’t something in the title that he initially jumped about. Johnson spoke up The Atlantic and stated that he was grateful for the plane that these films exist on, but he wasn’t sure if they would become one knife out series so to speak.

“I tried very hard to make them standalone. To be honest, I’m pissed that we have this A Knives Out Mystery in the title. You know? I want it to be called easily glass onion. I get it, and I want anyone who liked the first movie to know that this is the next one in the series, but the whole appeal for me is that it’s a new novel out of the box every time. But there’s a thousand suns attraction to serialized storytelling.”

There’s certainly a new off-the-shelf novel out there every time, and from a family crime thriller to a tech billionaire and his friends solving the next mystery while Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover is at the height of entertainment, there’s something on fans pay attention. No, Johnson couldn’t have predicted the timing, but it almost seems like he did, which is an idea he touched on Wired.

“There’s a lot of general stuff about these kinds of tech billionaires that went straight in. But obviously it has an almost odd relevance in the present moment. A friend of mine said, ‘Man, that feels like it was written this afternoon.’ And that’s just a horrible, horrible accident, you know?

glass onionTech billionaire Miles Bron gets away early with a line that applies to everything that seems to be happening right now: “Nobody wants you to break the system yourself, and that’s true disruption.” It’s not far far-fetched to think that Johnson could use this fluke of timing and circumstances to think ahead for the third chapter. Johnson says he needs to clear his head and think about what’s on his mind right now, and that has fans wondering what the next whodunit might be about.

Given the recent events between Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate, and Tate’s arrest in Romania, it’s not hard to imagine that this could be a pivotal place to base his next film on if he begins writing anytime soon. fans of the knife out Universe has already shared the idea with Johnson, with Rachel Zegler in particular catching his attention with a tweet for his next installment.

Johnson’s response could come in a number of ways. First, he’s not done with the idea: and that’s okay. He doesn’t have to choose that theme to frame his next film around just because it’s relevant. Second, fans have already said that Bautista’s character in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is very similar to Tate; maybe he tends to.

Drawing the conclusions between Duke Cody and Tate is easy enough. Still, let’s assume Johnson would focus on the real events of now in his third film. In this case, he could actually use it to make an important statement about issues that are not only prominent but also harmful to society.

Tate and his brother have been arrested on sex trafficking allegations and the issue is pressing around the world. Just last week, Fox News said human trafficking is the “fastest growing criminal industry” and its victims can be anyone. Men, women, and children can all become victims of human trafficking without a glimpse of trouble on the horizon. Operations are well planned, and humans can be targeted for just about anything.

The CDC shares the following informational pamphlets on victims of human trafficking:

  • Many victims are women and girls, but men and boys are also affected
  • Victims include all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, citizens, non-citizens, and income levels
  • Victims are trapped and controlled by attacks, threats, false promises, perceived protection, isolation, shame, and debt
  • Victims do not need to be physically transported between locations where they are being harassed

Victims of sex trafficking often believe that no one cares about them in their lives, which further ties them emotionally and mentally to their captors. Johnson could craft a story centered on human trafficking and use his platform and devoted audience to make a difference and take the tragedy to the forefront of the entertainment industry, where it cannot be ignored. Human trafficking is a global problem that leaves no one completely unaffected.

Johnson could also use the climate change lens, which Thunberg is heavily involved in, to invent his next mystery. Like human trafficking, a changing climate affects all of us and those we love who will fill our spaces when we are no longer here. It’s not an issue at the moment; It’s a problem to change now before it changes everything. Just like Johnson wove COVID-19 into it glass onionhe could write a story influenced by both themes.

No one thinks of Tate as a Willy Wonka guy (you’ll get to that in a moment), but it’s worth noting that with a Tate-like character, Johnson pretty much hits the nail on the head in that knife out Rich, maybe he always was.

“I found very quickly that if I started thinking too specifically about someone, it got very boring. What was What was interesting was our strange relationship in American society [these kinds of people], where we want to hate them, but we also kind of want to believe they’re Willy Wonka. The very American, natural instinct to mistake wealth for wisdom and competence.”

Wealth is by no means synonymous with wisdom and competence, but that is the basis of the character sheet some people have written for themselves. What better way to weave a metaphorical knife into entertainment than from a Rian Johnson crime novel?

Fans will have to wait and see how Johnson invents the next crime thriller for Detective Benoit Blanc, and one thing’s for sure, we won’t miss it.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/if-rian-johnson-uses-andrew-tates-downfall-as-inspiration-for-knives-out-3-it-could-become-his-most-important-film-yet/ If Rian Johnson uses Andrew Tate’s demise as inspiration for Knives Out 3, it could be his most important film to date

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