Internet blasts woman who sneaked teenage brother alcohol for a year: ‘Furious’

The internet has blasted a woman for giving alcohol to her 13-year-old brother behind their mother’s back.

In a viral post shared on UK discussion site Mumsnet, user Nolitoad explained that they were having drama in the dining room when her 23-year-old daughter suddenly served her younger brother a glass of wine while they were seated at the dining table.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 24.6 percent of children ages 14 to 15 reported drinking at least one alcoholic beverage in 2019.

It added that young people between the ages of 12 and 20 drink 4 percent of all alcohol consumed in the US

Stock image of a woman drinking wine
Stock image of a woman drinking wine. Many people have slammed a woman for giving alcohol to her 13-year-old brother behind their mother’s back.

The Mumsnet user continued: “I pointed this out straight away and said DS (dear son) must not drink. She said, ‘Really good when he’s with me.’ DS has stayed at her house once or twice a month since she moved out about a year ago.

“When I asked her what she meant, it turned out that she allowed him to drink when he sleeps over.

“I didn’t want to have a big row with her in front of DS, so I just brushed his glass off. Later that evening I asked her why she allowed him to do that.

“She told me my approach to alcohol was wrong and she said she wanted to introduce him to alcohol in a safe and structured way.

“When I said it was none of her business to decide that, she said the only way my approach would end was for him to secretly drink in a park. I am really mad at her as he has been staying at her house since he was 12 and she has given him alcohol throughout that time without mentioning it as she knows I would object.

“I know DS is guilty too and I know he’s not allowed to drink so he’ll take care of him too.”

The Mumsnet user said they messaged the father, who claimed not to have known this had happened.

Since it was published on Sunday September 25th, the post has drawn various reactions.

While some sympathized with the position of the daughter trying to help her siblings avoid the unpleasant effects of alcohol, the majority said it was not up to them to decide when to introduce their brother to alcohol.

One Mumsnet user said: “Amazing that a 12 or 13 year old would even enjoy the taste of wine (to be honest).

“Personally, I agree with your DD (dear daughter) – my parents are in France and young teenagers drinking (sometimes diluted) wine with meals is perfectly normal.

“However, it is your choice as a parent and now that she knows your views on it, she should respect that.”

Another added: “It’s not up to her to decide and yes I would be mad. We don’t drink much at our house, but I remember growing up [being] allowed one cyclist from an early age on a Friday night. Didn’t stop me from drinking in the park.”

A third commented: “Eek. Regardless of people’s views on introducing alcohol as a young teenager, it’s not their choice. She’s not the mom, she’s playing the role of the cool older sister.”

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