Internet slams ‘manipulative’ husband after wife cooks him two meals

The internet has slammed a “manipulative” husband who snapped at his wife when she cooked him two different meals in a new viral post.

A woman posted to Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum shared her story under the username u/Jtr63677 with “AITA” followers to see if she was wrong. The popular post has 8,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Redditor begins her post by explaining that her husband is a picky eater. She knows what types of foods he likes and dislikes, and has been successful with his favorites for some time. She said that he was the “breadwinner” and that every duty in her home was her responsibility.

Until recently, he wasn’t “in the mood” for the meals she prepared for him and he would try to get her to make him something else. If she says no, she feels guilty that he would “go to bed hungry.”

Do you think you are in a manipulative relationship? According to Bustle, here are some signs to look out for: Lines are being crossed between you and your partner, “no” is never an answer, they’re using “emotional blackmail,” they’re gassing you, they always play the victim and can be dramatic.

Woman cooking meal for "manipulative" Husband
The internet has supported a Redditor for saying “as you wish” when her “manipulative” husband didn’t want what she cooked him for dinner.
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She wrote: “I got sick of it because it kept happening. Last night he came home and saw the two different meals I had cooked – he looked at them both and said he wasn’t ‘in the mood’ for neither and asked if I could cook him another meal could. I was upset and said “NO, that’s all I had on the menu.” He grimaced and feigned sadness and then said, ‘Are you sure? … I would have to go to bed hungry … wouldn’t that make you sad?’”

“I stayed in my chair and shrugged and said ‘How you like honey.’ He got angry and told me I had no regard for him nor do I care about his feelings and if he goes to bed hungry after working all day and stayed calm then he would storm away from me. We didn’t speak until this morning when he said my ‘as you wish’ attitude was hurtful and condescending and now expects an apology for it,” she concludes.

Other Redditors were quick to comment in defense of the original poster (OP).

“[Not the A**hole]. I would just stop cooking for him. This seems like a weird power play trying to see how much he can get you to do for him. He’s a grown man, he can cook his own dinner if he feels the need to be so picky,” u/lihzee received the top comment with over 16,000 comments.

U/Milkbby exclaimed: “[Not the A**hole]. ‘I would have to go to bed hungry… wouldn’t that make you sad?’ The emotional manipulation he spits out on you is disgusting.”

“I am sorry for the debilitating condition your husband suffers from which prevents him, a grown man, from cooking his own supper when he does not appreciate those prepared for him. I hope he will make a quick and full recovery. [Not the A**hole],” wrote u/ErisianImpulse.

“Stop raising a child in your marriage. Stop cooking. Let him cook what he wants to eat and put it in the fridge for HE to heat up when he gets home from Big Bad Work /NCKALA.

U/mm172 approved, “[Not the A**hole]. It is not your job to ensure that a grown man who is perfectly capable of supporting himself is fed. He’ll either tell you what he wants so far in advance that you only have to cook him one meal, or he’ll cook himself if he doesn’t like what’s on offer. Or I guess he can sulk and go to bed hungry if he really wants to, but that’s entirely up to him.”

news week asked u/Jtr63677 for a comment. Internet slams ‘manipulative’ husband after wife cooks him two meals

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