‘Interview with the Vampire’ Review: AMC, Anne Rice Adaptation

TV reviewI’ll say one thing about AMC’s new attitude Interview with the vampire: It’s not subtle. But then again, nobody’s looking for a shy Anne Rice adaptation, right? Rice’s best-selling gothic vampire novels unabashedly indulge in sex, gore and passion and so on vampire Series – premieres Sunday, October 2 at 10/9c; I’ve seen the first three episodes – certainly delivers those things in spades. It’s superbly melodramatic and genuinely disturbing with a lush visual style, but the melodrama at times descends into the absurd. Some will fall in love with this adaptation I think… and some will just love to hate it.

Interview with the vampire AMC Molloy Eric BogosianFifty years after they first met, the timeless vampire plays Louis game of ThronesJacob Anderson tracks down jaded journalist Daniel Molloy to help tell his life story. (This is the rare TV show where the framing device is almost as interesting as the main story, thanks to pointed references to current events and Eric Bogosian’s sullen, cerebral turn as Molloy.) Louis’ story steeped in sex and violence takes us back to the brothels and illegal gambling halls of 1910 New Orleans – and his black status in the South plays a role here too. He meets Lestat (Sam Reid), a honey-voiced French charmer who takes Louis under his wing and guides him through the ways of the bloodsucker, from proper diet and sleep rituals to the mystical art of mind reading.

vampireThe premiere of exudes an alluring glamor that’s overdone in the best way with beautiful period costumes and a production design that evokes memories Boardwalk Empire and the kink with a supernatural twist. The visual effects are top-notch too, with cool touches like a vampire’s skin dissolving bit by bit in the sun, and Lestat freezes time to talk to Louis telepathically. Writer Rolin Jones (PerryMason, friday night lights) and Emmy-winner Alan Taylor (game of Thrones, The sopranos) are bringing serious credibility to television, and they’re making some bold storytelling choices. The novel’s homoerotic subtext becomes explicit text here, with Louis and Lestat caught in an intense infatuation. As they share a sensual threesome with a prostitute, Lestat sinks his fangs into Louis’ throat – and the primal force of his bite sends them both floating in the air.

Interview with Vampire AMC Lestat Sam ReidHowever, the initial thrill of being a vampire eventually wears off and gives way to more mundane concerns, and that too Interview with the vampire. After this dazzling premiere, Louis’ story becomes less interesting as it settles, being dragged down by his long-running family troubles. Anderson has serious fire and gravitas as Louis, making him a solid, likable lead. But I’m a bit torn about Reid as Lestat: He has a hypnotic, otherworldly quality that’s mesmerizing at times…and ridiculous at times. (Note: The child vampire Claudia, played by Kirsten Dunst in the 1994 film, doesn’t appear in the first three episodes, but casting an older teenager for the role — Bailey Bass plays her here — inevitably dulls some of the shock factor.)

As funny as it is to see vampire Dashing off the tracks, it sometimes loses itself in its own pleasures, with overwrought, screeching matches set to a smashing score on the border of camp. (This is one show that seriously asks the question, “Did you eat the baby?” And not just once!) It has a touch of Hannibal‘s savage bloodlust, but it’s nowhere near as sophisticated as this gory masterpiece. Nevertheless this vampire manages to find moments of lyrical beauty among all the excess. Louis at one point advises Molloy to “let yourself be seduced by the story,” and for a while that story did seduce me… but some spells can only keep us in a trance for so long.

THE TVLINE BASE: AMC’s beautiful new version Interview with the vampire is certainly bold and seductive, but too often it falls into the camp.

https://tvline.com/2022/09/22/interview-with-the-vampire-review-amc-anne-rice-adaptation/ ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Review: AMC, Anne Rice Adaptation

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