‘Irrational’ teen backed for demanding use of brother’s belongings

The internet has supported a teenager who demands that she use her brother’s belongings if necessary.

In a viral Reddit story posted to the AmITeA**hole forums, a teenager using the username u/throwawayparents2 shared her story with the “AITA” forums to let the community decide if they were wrong. The post has over 9,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

She, 15, says her parents buy her brother, 16, expensive things including a “computer, a tablet [and] violin” and other things for school. However, when she asks for the same things, her parents have excuses, such as that they cannot afford two of the same thing and she has to wait until she is the same age as her brother – and they never stay true to their word.

“Last night I had to do a school project, but because I didn’t have a computer I couldn’t do it. I usually borrow someone’s laptop (a family member like a cousin) for these things, but this time everyone needed theirs,” she wrote.

Favoritism in a family can be harmful to children. According to BetterHelp, favoritism can cause anger issues, depression, loss of self-confidence, and social problems.

Teenagers argue with parents about sharing
The internet has supported a teenager for snapping at parents for not getting her brother to share his belongings with her.
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“I got so angry and frustrated that I started yelling at them and telling them if they don’t let me share his stuff I’m going to break his computer (but (probably) won’t)” she continued .

Her parents called her “irrational” and explained that her brother doesn’t have to share if he doesn’t want to. She believes her parents are wrong if they only buy her brother expensive things and not one thing that they both can share.

The Reddit community was quick to defend the original poster (OP) in the comments section.

“[Not the A**hole], your parents should teach your brother to share and buy a laptop for school as it is an important thing. Threaten to break it to achieve the opposite,” wrote u/Germanpantoffel, receiving 14,000 upvotes.

The OP responded to the viral comment: “I’m not really going to break it, I was just really angry (and tired of asking people to lend me their laptop)”

U/kairi14 responded with some advice that might be helpful: “Talk to a school counselor about your parents’ favoritism and refusal to buy you what you need for your assignments. Meeting with the school to clarify why they are not taking care of you properly should help. If they claim poverty, the school might at least have a loaner laptop for you to use. But they need a serious wake up call and you need some adults on your side.

“[Not the A**hole] – If they really don’t buy you the appropriate items when you reach the appropriate age, what do they expect from you? They need to use one computer to do their schoolwork…if they can only afford one, it only makes sense that you share both,” exclaimed u/beeeeeebee.

“[Not the A**hole]… I have a feeling the “when you’re older” is generally fine, but they’re literally a year apart. Your schooling needs are basically the same as your brothers’,” said u/TARDISMischief.

news week contacted u/throwawayparents2 for comment.

https://www.newsweek.com/irrational-teen-backed-demanding-use-brothers-possessions-1705807 ‘Irrational’ teen backed for demanding use of brother’s belongings

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