Is James Kennedy Jealous Of Tom Sandoval’s Relationship With Raquel Leviss?

James Kennedy much spent Vanderpump Rules Season 10 responds strongly to Rachel Leviss. His new girlfriend, Ally Lewber, so young and new to the group, seemed quick to grasp her predecessor’s antics. James’ behavior and the seemingly constant talk about Raquel made her uncomfortable.

It was entertaining early in the season, but with real-time Scandoval plummeting and Raquel’s actions becoming increasingly inappropriate, it was time to look at things differently. Maybe James wasn’t jealous, just outraged by Raquel’s audacity and poor understanding of boundaries. Katie Maloney and Lala Kent reacted similarly. The only difference was that none of these ladies had a romantic relationship with Raquel.

James was absolutely hilarious and hit the spot regarding Raquel’s antics. He will always deny being jealous. Maybe it doesn’t matter if he’s over his ex-fiancé or not. He makes for great reality TV watching. But just to be safe, Andy Cohen embarrassed him on a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live.

James is undeterred by his ex’s potential for a serious relationship with Sandoval

Andy had the celebrity DJ play a game of “Are You Jealous?” Meanwhile, WWHL guest Tinx had to guess if James had a particular opinion on a particular statement. Then the VPR star was supposed to confirm whether she was right or not. Of course, the Bravo manager struck straight away.

The first question was, of course, about Raquel and Tom Sandoval. Andy asked, “Are you jealous when you think about the idea of ​​Raquel and Sandoval getting into a serious, monogamous relationship?”

Tinx surmised that James isn’t jealous at all. Although he confirmed that the idea of ​​a relationship between Sandoval and Raquel does not worry him.

It may be a redundant question. Raquel is in hiding in a voluntary psychiatric facility. It is rumored that they have split up. However, Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix has no idea. The truth may or may not make this question/answer worthwhile.

TELL US – Do you think James isn’t over Raquel yet? Do you think he wouldn’t be jealous if Sandoval and Raquel started a serious relationship?

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