Is someone big about to be laid off?

As UBA’s deal with billionaire and egomaniac Paul Marks (Jon Hamm) nears completion The Morning Show, everyone in the media company fears for their reputation. Should Stella (Greta Lee) accept the deal to become president of the company and oust Cory (Billy Crudup)? Which anchors remain in place? More importantly, will the deal even go through thanks to a DOJ investigation?

As we approach Episode 7, you’d think Paul would be in a frenzy, trying to juggle it all. No. The clever megalomaniac has charmed Alex (Jennifer Aniston) into his bed instead. The couple managed to escape the world together. However, this is more emotional than a simple connection; The duo chats about their lives. Paul says the name “Dana” in his sleep and reveals that she was “the love of.” [his] Life.” Dana was his dog. Alex talks about her daughter. I for one completely forgot that Alex has a daughter and an ex-husband.

But on this week’s episode of, it’s all family The Morning Show. While Paul and Alex roll in their sheets, Leonard (Stephen Fry) twists Cory’s arm because of the Justice Department’s investigation. There is one woman who is really pushing the Paul deal forward. Cory agrees to drive out of state to take care of her himself and enlists Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) to help him with the job. This super evil political figure? Cory’s mother Martha (Lindsay Duncan).

Cory has mother issues that continue to add up even without any logical explanation. Maybe that’s why he clings to Bradley like a lost little duckling. When Martha asks the couple to stay for dinner, Bradley declines her offer because she has to be on the evening news. Cory scolds Bradley for her rudeness – she is his employee and must obey him. They stay for dinner because they must. They have to convince Martha to get out of Paul and UBA’s case.

This isn’t really brought up again in the episode, but it’s worth mentioning: Mia’s (Karen Pittman) former boyfriend Andre (Clive Standen) is still stuck in Mariupol and may be missing. She calls her buddy in the war zone and asks him for help, but he hangs up, leaving Mia scared and worried.

Not for long though, because as soon as she hangs up, Stella comes in with a job offer. If Stella became president of UBA, would Mia like to take over Stella’s old role as president of the news department? Mia doesn’t hesitate: Absolutely loud. Stella is still worried about Cory’s departure – after all, he got her this big job – but Mia tells her not to worry about it: “There are only so many chairs upstairs. White men don’t give them up willingly.”

There’s a big fashion gala as the backdrop for this episode, which kind of looks like one gossip Girl Party. The soiree itself isn’t the focus, but we see everyone in beautiful dresses. Alex and Paul take a photo with Chris (Nicole Beharie) and Paul takes Alex aside to tell her that paparazzi have photos of them – are they going public as a couple or are they covering it up like nothing happened? Alex agrees with the latter, but we’ve seen how well private relationships have worked for UBA in the past.

At this point, everything in the episode becomes a confrontation: Cory talks to his mother about the DOJ before returning to UBA, where Stella reveals her secret about Paul and Chip (Mark Duplass) catches Alex in a bad moment. More on that later, but as these events unfold, so does our democracy. The Supreme Court ruling is leaked, meaning Roe vs. Wade is under fire. Chris starts an argument in a bathroom with a handful of models who are indifferent to the problem.

But we’ll worry about that at another point in the series, probably in future episodes. Cory eventually convinces his mother to cancel all of their meetings related to the Justice Department investigation, while Martha unsuccessfully tries to get Bradley to go on a date with Cory. The arguments are all resolved when Martha and Cory sing a piano duet with an awkward autotune. Now we know where Cory’s hokeyness comes from!

When Cory arrives in New York City, Stella informs him of Paul’s decision. Cory is not afraid of the impending doom and he is not in a hurry to stop UBA’s deal with Paul. Cory tells Stella to sign the contract because Paul is clearly convinced that she will bow to him at any moment and that they will see what happens after that. Stella grins. Whose side is she on?

The episode ends with Paul and Alex making out in her office and Chip, a peeping Tom, marveling at this new development. If you both want to stay secret, Don’t make out in an office with all-glass windows! Come on people. This is affair amateur hour!

Chip has been by Alex’s side through everything – Mitch (Steve Carell), COVID, whatever – so it will be interesting to see if he takes sides in this new debacle. Also: Is Stella on Team Paul or Team Cory? The Morning Show has become a game Survivors, with many unclear alliances. Let’s prepare for some surprises.

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