Is the anime and manga “Bleach” finished?

Its creation dates back to the early 2000s. bleaching is one of those anime that fans of the genre have heard about even if they haven’t seen it yet. Tite Kubo’s series has made a name for itself One piece And Naruto as the holy trinity of long-running shonen that emerged from the 2000s. However, it came to a point where the series fell short of the other two and was ultimately canceled in 2012 after just over 350 episodes. There were several reasons for this unsettling turn of events for fans. At this point, bleaching had pretty much caught up with the manga and so had to resort to more lackluster filler, and given the anime’s declining ratings, that just wasn’t feasible. The decline in popularity was also felt in the manga, with Aizen’s defeat marking the point at which things began to steadily decline.

That was in 2012. What happened? bleaching since then?

The manga ended long ago. The anime is not finished yet.

Renji and Ichigo from Bleach
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Tite Kubo’s manga came to an end with volume 74, which was published in November 2016. Unfortunately, it wasn’t well received by most fans. However, we shouldn’t be too hard on Kubo, the author wasn’t exactly in the best of health as he worked to end his long, popular series. A Fan on Reddit explained Kubo’s decision not to take a longer break due to the oppressive constraints of Japanese work culture. They wrote: “Kubo admitted that he felt like a failure every time he took a break. And he took more breaks in the final arc than in the entire rest of the series.” It’s easy to forget the enormous pressure that authors of popular ongoing manga face, but we – as lovers of the genre – certainly shouldn’t. They may be the gods of the universes they create, but mangaka are ultimately only mortal.

Regarding the bleaching Fortunately, he returned to anime at the end of 2022 with the premiere of the adaptation of the manga’s extensive and combat-heavy final arc – the Thousand Year Blood War – in which the Soul Reapers and the Quincy find themselves on opposite sides of a brutal conflict. The Thousand Year Blood War is currently in the second round. At the time of writing, episodes are released weekly on Saturdays, with the next episode, episode 24, releasing on September 23rd. The final story arc of the series is expected to have a total of 52 episodes, with minor adaptation across 200 manga chapters.

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