Is Tucker Carlson’s Latest Rant Basically Recreating a BoJack Horseman Episode in Real Life?

Tucker Carlson

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In season 4 episode 5 of BoJack Horseman, California is changing its laws and banning guns due to the increasing number of women owning guns. If Tucker Carlson ranted about the rise in gun ownership in the LGBTQ community at a recent gun control event, some listeners found it horribly reminiscent of the episode in the animated series.

Attempting to ban gun ownership only for the trans community to defend themselves amid rising violence against them is as ludicrous as an animated series where gun ownership was fine until women started buying them to protect himself after a mass shooting. It’s also just as ridiculous as the actual legislation that was enacted years ago, as History suggests in an article titled “The NRA Supported Gun Control When the Black Panthers Had the Weapons.” Hollywood draws attention to the real issues by using a little light humor to lighten the burden of the severe impact these experiences have had on our society.

Tucker Carlson took backlash for his tirade, which can be seen in its nearly 14-minute entirety on FOX News. However, the essence of what he said is not quite what he pretends; Carlson specifically stated that he believes all Americans should own guns — including the LGBTQ community, contrary to what some people took away from his tirade. He pointed out that Americans, who normally call for gun control and a ban on certain firearms, are now arming themselves in self-defense.

However, his words were not received that way.

The first to take what Tucker Carlson said and compare it to this BoJack Horseman Episode started an entire thread lively with the Black Panther scenario.

In Tucker Carlson’s tirade, he addresses the issue of white supremacy, essentially saying that the headlines are very misleading, which in and of itself might merit a backlash.

Here’s the riddle; The point being made here is exactly what Tucker Carlson was trying to make in his tirade, only in reverse. His words were that as long as the right banned them, it was okay to own guns from the left’s perspective.

The conversation closes whether people see it or not.

That’s how complex gun legislation can get. Who should have it and who shouldn’t? It really is in everyone’s best interest to listen to what the other side is saying, rather than simply perpetuating misunderstandings. Is Tucker Carlson’s Latest Rant Basically Recreating a BoJack Horseman Episode in Real Life?

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