‘It makes us sick’: Rhode Island officials are investigating ‘racist and hateful’ signs meant to mimic official announcements

from: Kayla fish, Sarah Doiron



LINCOLN, RI (WPRI) – The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is investigating after “racist and hateful” signs were discovered in Lincoln Woods State Park.

The metal signs, designed to resemble DEM signs found throughout the state parks, were spotted on trees throughout Lincoln Woods.

“These are not DEM signs and the Department of Parks and Recreation did not put them up.” wrote the DEM in a social media post This included photos of two of the signs. “We condemn racism and discrimination in the strongest possible terms.”

“It is particularly sad that vandals have targeted Lincoln Woods, Rhode Island’s first state park, in existence since 1909, to provide ‘the greatest good for the greatest number,'” the post continues.

DEM spokesman Mike Healey said the signs were immediately removed.

“It’s discriminatory and makes us sick,” Healey said. “We don’t want to think for a minute that anyone might feel intimidated or threatened when they come to one of our parks.”

“We find this signage really disgusting and hateful and hope whoever made it gets caught,” he added.

DEM’s Law Enforcement Division is actively investigating vandalism. Anyone with information on where the signs are from is asked to call (401) 222-2284.

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