Jacob’s actions result in a Dutton death

Everything we thought we knew 1923 changed in Episode 3 as each main character encountered death.

The flashforward we saw in Episode 1 with a vengeful Cara (Helen Mirren) appears in The War Has Come Home as Spencer and Alexandra cement their relationship in East Africa.

Much of Episode 3’s storyline is split between Montana and Africa, giving Teonna and the students at the School for American Indians the week off.

Dutton family members in 1923
James Badge Dale, Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and Darren Mann as they appear in 1923.
Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Here’s what happened in an eventful episode 3 of 1923. “The War Has Come Home” is the most action-packed so far, according to a spoiler alert applies from this point in time.

The last happy day at the ranch

The Dutton women were thrilled to see the returning cowboys in the episode’s opening moments. Jack’s fiancé Elizabeth is most excited about her return. Her enthusiasm is contagious as everyone races back to the ranch.

Bruised and bloodied after his encounter with Death, Banner returns to his home and enacts his plan for revenge.

The next day, everyone heads into town as Jacob intends to tell the sheriff what happened to the shepherds. During an open discussion with the sheriff, they discuss why he hanged a group of men for trespassing on his land. Jacob continues to show no remorse.

We see more of the emerging world around them when electronics like washing machines and fridges are sold, much to the Duttons’ delight. The men are unimpressed, believing it is a scam and resisting the change.

Darren Mann and Michelle Randolph in 1923
Darren Mann as Jack Dutton and Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford from the Paramount+ series “1923”.
Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Later that night, Jack, Elizabeth and others go to a secret pub after revealing the password “umbrellas”. Elizabeth seems amazed by the portrayal of the roaring 20’s. It was alluded to in previous episodes, but finally, this episode seems to be the first time Jack and Elizabeth become intimate just before their wedding.

An engagement in Tanganyika

We meet Spencer, now traveling with his new acquaintance Alexandra, as they arrive in East Africa in the British territory known as Tanganyika, which is present-day Tanzania. Spencer was called there to capture another man-eater, this time a hyena disrupting the construction of a railroad.

The scenery and wildlife are incredible. The terrain is marginally greener than what we’ve seen in Kenya, but Alexandra’s mind is overwhelmed by the diversity of wildlife that surrounds her as she travels to see a child’s footprints in the lava rock.

In another flirtatious exchange between the two, they skip several steps and agree to get engaged at that moment.

“I didn’t hear a question,” says Alex.

“Marry me,” Spencer replies.

“That is a statement.”

“It’s a requirement.”

“You Americans are brutes,” says the Brit before they kiss.

Julia Schlaepfer and Brandon Sklenar in 1923
Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra and Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton filmed a scene in Africa on the set of the Paramount+ series “1923”.
Emerson Miller/Paramount+

On the way back to their camp, they stop their car and talk about their families and what their children could be like when suddenly an elephant starts charging down their vehicle. They do not escape and the animal knocks them over. Spencer fires a shot that wounds and kills the elephant.

Their car is broken and they can’t go back, so they are forced to climb a tree and stay there to get to safety. During the night, a pride of lions inevitably come to feast on the dead elephant while the newly engaged couple try to remain calm in their tree.

Spencer is forced to shoot a lion trying to climb up to them. The others flinch at first, but more come back as Spencer continues to fire bullets into the oncoming man-eaters.

Finally, Spencer’s contact and some guides arrive just in time to rescue them. On the way back, Alex and Spencer decide he needs a new job since neither of them wants the other to have another near-death experience.

The next day

In the morning, Spencer and Cara chat about the new fad of women using a razor to shave their legs and armpit hair. The whole exchange is an interesting analogy for capitalism in America. “Greed is going to be what kills us all,” concludes Cara after discussing razor companies.

The whole group, having been enjoying the town, returns to the ranch with Cara, Elizabeth, Emma, ​​and Jack riding the wagon while Jacob rides his horse alongside them. Eagle-eyed viewers know what’s coming when they take a look at Cara’s outfit.

A shot rings out in her direction. Suddenly, several people are shot, including Elizabeth and Jack. The horses of the wagon dart away, Elizabeth gets stuck on top, Jack pursues and catches up to save her.

Jacob, Cara, John Sr. and Emma get stuck behind a tree in a shootout. They take out a few of the Riders, but Banner arrives in a car and pulls out a submachine gun. Cara and Emma run away, but Jacob and John Sr. are both gunned down.

1923 episode 3 still
Members of the Dutton family travel back to the ranch before being mugged in Episode 3 of “1923”. Tim DeKay as Bob Strafford, Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford, Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton, Marley Shelton as Emma Dutton, Darren Mann as Jack Dutton, Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton, and James Badge Dale as John Dutton Sr.
Emerson Miller/Paramount+

After escaping, Cara runs back to check on her family. John Sr. is dead after being shot in the eye and Jacob appears ready to follow him to his death.

Cara sees a shepherd on the run and follows him into the forest with nothing but revenge on her mind. This is the scene that opened the first episode of 1923. After killing him, she lets out the terrifying scream we’ve heard before.

We then cut to Jacob being carried back to the ranch and the cowboys trying to save him and Elizabeth who have both suffered serious injuries. While seated at the kitchen table, Jacob tells Zane not to alarm the sheriff as it would put the ranch in danger.

“Spencer needs to come home now. Take him home,” Jacob says to Cara, which are likely to be his last words.

The doctor arrives to try and save whoever he can, but things aren’t looking good. Outside, Cara begins writing her letter to Spencer, asking him to come home to help fight her war.

The death of John Dutton Sr. is significant to the lore yellowstone, as it suggests, the lineage now continues with Spencer, implying that he is probably actually John Dutton III’s grandfather. Death also means every Dutton character we’ve seen 1883: John, James, Margaret and Elsa are all dead now.

https://www.newsweek.com/1923-episode3-recap-jacob-dutton-actions-death-family-spencer-dutton-1770424 Jacob’s actions result in a Dutton death

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