Jane Fonda stars in WWHL’s ‘Plead the Fifth’ and reveals she saw Michael Jackson naked

Jane Fonda is a force to be reckoned with. She’s an actress, activist and a total badass. She’s like the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps going and going. But don’t let her serious side fool you, she also has a great sense of humor. When your best friend is Lily Tomlin, you can laugh better at yourself and others.

Jane definitely has that “it” factor that made her stand out from the crowd despite her legendary last name. And if you’re looking for a laugh, chances are Jane will give you one. She recently appeared on See what’s happening live and was chosen to perform “Plead the Fifth”. Some of her answers made Andy Cohen’s jaw drop and got everyone laughing too.

Jane did not exercise her right to remain silent

Jane was asked three questions, but could only rely on one “the fifth”. First, Jane admits that she feels she should have received an Oscar nomination for her performance in On Golden Pond. Agreed. A fantastic film and my impression of Katherine Hepburn would make you feel like she was still in the room.

Andy then asked which man in Hollywood tried to pick her up, which she declined. She dated director René Clément and hinted that he was going to bed. “The character in the film needed to have an orgasm and he needed to see what makes me orgasm [were like]. He said it in French and I pretended I didn’t understand,” Jane confessed.

Andy exercised great restraint and managed to stay in his seat but was clearly delighted. Jane blurts out unprompted, “I saw it Michael Jackson Naked!” By this point, Andy was willing to sacrifice his own soul to get the details. Before Jane gets into her story, she also admits to seeing Greta Garbo with no clothes on.

But priorities are one thing and Andy went back to MJ. Jane began, “Well, he came and visited me when we were filming On Golden Pond. And I had a little cottage right on the lake and it was a beautiful moonlit night.” Michael reportedly suggested a little skinny dip. “I think because he knew he was going to die young and I would talk about him being naked,” Jane continued.

Jane added, “He was skinny.” We could probably all have decided that for ourselves, but I suppose so. Andy replied, “I won’t ask any more about this because I want to be respectful to Michael.”

Jane added that the Greta Garbo incident was also the result of a nude bath episode. This basically confirms the theory: if you take a nude swimming trip with Jane Fonda, she’ll eventually talk about it.


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