Jason Oppenheim teases Sunset season 6 sales as ‘best yet’

Jason Oppenheim from Sell ​​Sunset gives us a taste of what’s to come. Just a little, just a little. He believes this is the best year yet and we won’t be disappointed. How come? Well, we’ve already seen the trailer, so we have an idea of ​​what to expect. And that’s exactly why Jason says it’s so great.

Really? Yes. Jason described this year as “stressful.” I say this while relaxing here with my dogs, listening to the birds singing in nature and sipping my cup of tea. If stressful is the definition of a broker, no thanks – I did it professionally. But “Selling Sunset” is a show whose staying power is based on drama, chic LA clothing and luxurious luxuries (but mostly drama). So much so that it makes you wonder if the drama is overshadowing real estate. It’s better to make bigger and bigger offers.

What else did Jason say?

He says the real estate is better! Go, O group! In case you didn’t know, twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim have great credibility and expertise in real estate. They come from a multi-generational real estate family but have proven themselves in the market. Who else could put on such a dramatic presentation of their brokerage and still be respected on a professional level? That is a challenge.

Jason also told E News the season had been “a lot,” describing it as “pretty intense.” He added, “I’m so glad it’s over, but it’ll be fun to watch.” I’m all for putting the past behind you and letting go. But he probably enjoys it because he stays out of the fray and no one will belittle the boss. I mean, he never gets angry – the Selling Sunset agents love him.

Finally, Jason went into the new agents. Seemingly, Nicole Young brings her employment with the O Group, and Bre Tiesi brings the tension. I guess we’d have to watch to see it. And like Netflix does, they’re bringing these back-to-back seasons. Season 6 is here and Season 7 is already being filmed.

Binge Selling Sunset (or pick it up little by little) on Netflix – starting May 19th.

TELL US – IS DRAMA A GOOD THING? Would you work there if your boss said it was your most stressful job yet? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM SEASON 6?

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