Jon Stewart tears himself into CNN and MSNBC for hyping up the charges against Trump

When Jon Stewart surprised The daily News For fans who stopped by Tuesday night after Trump’s indictment, he was mainly there to do a silly thing with guest host Roy Wood Jr. that undermined expectations of him being passionate about the proceedings. Turns out he saved it for his own show.

In the Friday episode of The problem with Jon Stewart On Apple TV+, the comedian leaned on his strengths, going after the 24-hour cable news networks for their “jaded” reporting, which both hyped Trump’s charge and called the underlying charge a disappointment. And he wasn’t talking about Fox News.

“Oh were you disappointed, were you depressed?” asked Steward. “Here’s why: Because you treated this like the last confrontation with Thanos and then it actually played out as it was, a bloody boring trial at the very beginning of what will be a long and tedious legal process.”

He continued to stalk the networks because they were “disappointed by the expectations you motherfuckers created,” playing clips of commentators like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and CNN contributor Andrew McCabe warning that the case was “unimpressive” and ” not a slam dunk”.

“Just our media, these monastic, short attention-span, wayward cavers…” Stewart said, before stopping himself to generously add, “Defenders of democracy, find a president who pays hush money to a playboy Model and adult movie star, and then cooks the books to help herself win an election, disappointing and boring.”

Finally, after briefly scolding Trump for underpaying Stormy Daniels, Stewart shared another clip with MSNBC moderators discussing why “Mitch McConnell’s silence — to fall or not to fall — speaks volumes.” ”

For more, listen to former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee The Podcast “The Last Laugh”..

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