Joseph Fiennes talks Harry Potter reboot series cast

The Harry Potter The franchise is in the process of being rebooted as it is reimagined as an episodic series for HBO Max (soon to be renamed simply Max). As it is still in its early stages, the project has not yet been cast and no actors have been finalized for any of the roles. In theory, the series could be linked to the movies in an interesting way if Joseph Fiennes were set to play the new Voldemort, as the actor’s brother, Ralph Fiennes, had previously played the iconic antagonist on the big screen.

This is a possibility brought to the attention of Joseph Fiennes during a recent interview When asked if he would be willing to join Harry Potter On the show, Fiennes has shown himself to be a little apprehensive, initially joking about auditioning for the role before admitting he doesn’t really know. Fiennes points out that it may be a bit early to restart Harry Potter, but at the same time he says it’s “great” that it’s happening. As the actor puts it:

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“You know, I’m trying to find that bit of makeup and that eye thing again, maybe I need that for an audition. I don’t know it. I just heard this recently and it’s great. It feels like just yesterday.” I don’t know why we have to reinvent everything. But I think that’s happening.”

Even if the reboot comes sooner than expected, changing the format to allow for more thorough exploration of each book could help the series differentiate enough from the feature films. Fiennes agrees that the new format will open more doors for creativity, ultimately finding it “exciting.”

“The structure of television today is so brilliant and sophisticated, and the map is just wide open. So you’re right, it makes it possible to revisit the footage and take viewers in a different direction or open pockets they wouldn’t see. “I didn’t think they would have the time to see her in the cinema. So I find television really exciting in that regard.”

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Who will be the new Voldemort?

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We’ll have to wait and see who ends up being cast to see who plays who Harry Potter Series. A person we know will be involved Harry Potter Series fiction writer JK Rowling, who will develop the series in association with Warner Bros. Television. When the series was officially announced, Rowling also noted in a statement that moving to the small screen is a great way to start the reboot. Each season will adjust one Harry Potter book, and that allows for more hours to be devoted to the adaptation rather than trying to cram it all into a feature-length film.

“Max’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of my books is important to me and I look forward to being a part of this new adaptation, which allows for a level of depth and detail only a long-running television series can provide,” Rowling said.

A release date has not yet been announced Harry Potter Series.

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