Joy-Ann Reid says “white Christian* nationalism” has consumed the GOP

Leftist MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed in a tweet on Tuesday that the GOP aims to seize power across government and block LGBTQ and nonwhite votes except for those who support the idea that “white Christian rule” was the basis of the nation.

“The goal of the Republican Party today is to seize control of every level of government, barring black voices and LGBTQ voices except for those who conform to their demand that history and education elevate white Christian rule as the only true foundation America”, Reid tweeted.

She went on to claim that “white Christian* nationalism” has consumed the GOP and is affecting governmental institutions across society.

“This Dominionism – this white Christian* nationalism – is sectarian, sometimes violent, ugly and cruel. It’s swallowed up the Republican Party whole, it’s dominating the Supreme Court, and it’s rolling across our state legislatures, school boards, congresses, and governor’s mansions. ‘ she claimed.

“We’re all losing so many rights, so fast, that most people don’t know what hit them until it’s too late,” Reid said tweeted. “Fascism is not a game, all of you. it’s real And it’s in America, sometimes dressed up as a crazy cult of personality or with a Confederate flag … and not enough people are fighting it,” she added. “And the first victim will be women, who will soon find out what ‘great government’ really looks like thanks to the Christian nationalist majority on the Supreme Court and Republicans licking their chops as they take over the House of Representatives and especially the Senate .”

On her show earlier this year, Reid claimed that the Republican Party wants “a white nationalist autocracy” in America.

Reid said in a tweet on Monday that the pro-life movement should instead be labeled “a forced birth movement.”

“There is no ‘pro-life movement’. Pro-life would be pro-healthcare, school lunches for hungry children and compassion for migrants fleeing literal death. Pro-Life would fight poverty and fund child education and child and maternal health. Call them what they are: a forced birth movement. explained Reid. Joy-Ann Reid says “white Christian* nationalism” has consumed the GOP

Laura Coffey

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