Joy Reid attacks pro-life Christian nationalists

MSNBC host Joy Reid circulated a narrative that pro-life “Christian nationalists” are waging an anti-abortion jihad and are actively campaigning for the passage of a national forced birth law.

On Thursday evening, Reid retweeted a Washington Post article with the caption, “This Florida teacher married a woman. Now she’s not a teacher.”

The article focused on teacher Nicolette Solomon, who was furious with Florida’s parental rights in education — which bans teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity to students in kindergarten through third grade.

Towards the end of the article, the reader learns that “Solomon submitted her letter of resignation” on February 2nd. However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t enact the parental rights in education law until March 28.

Paragraph 44 of the article revealed: “The final straw came when her manager indicated that she would face consequences if she took a week off to receive fertility treatments; she and Hayley were trying to have a baby. But the bigger problem was that I didn’t think it was possible to be a lesbian and a teacher in Florida anymore.”

An NBC message article The April 1 publication made no mention of the fertility treatment issue, stating, “Nicolette Solomon, 28, taught fourth grade in Miami-Dade County for more than four years. When HB 1557 passed through the legislature, she resigned. Solomon, a lesbian, said that after months of virtual teaching during the coronavirus pandemic, the law was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.”

Solomon told NBC News, “The law would wipe me out as an LGBTQ teacher. No one would be able to know what then puts me in the closet and I’m there seven hours a day, if not more, five days a week. I couldn’t be who I am.”

Reid armed the Washington Post article to promote the baseless conspiracy theory that if Roe v. calf repealed, it will open the door to banning same-sex marriage, abolishing LGBTQ rights and allowing widespread discrimination.

“You will not settle for state after state forced births,” Reid wrote on Twitter. “They will push for a national forced birth law. And then they come for everything else. The SCOTUS suffix ‘right to privacy’ puts EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE: gay marriage, LGBTQ rights, anti-discrimination.”

Reid described the Washington Post article about the termination of her job as “brutal,” claiming, “It’s the reality in Florida and who knows where else soon.”

The host of the progressive cable talk show added a second tweet denouncing “Christian nationalists” and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito – who authored the leaked first draft of the opinion Roe v. calf be knocked over.

“Everyone continue to console yourself by believing that Alito and the other Christian nationalists on SCOTUS will not come for your communities,” Reid ranted. “Making abortion illegal will satisfy her, right? … Christian nationalists believe they are fighting a war for God. People in a jihad don’t stop.”

Earlier this month, leftist Reid slammed “white Christian nationalism” and the Republican Party.

“The goal of the Republican Party today is to seize control of every level of government, barring black voices and LGBTQ voices except for those who conform to their demand that history and education elevate white Christian rule as the only true foundation America,” Reid claimed.

“This Dominionism – this white Christian* nationalism – is sectarian, sometimes violent, ugly and cruel,” she fumed. “It has swallowed the Republican Party whole, it dominates the Supreme Court, and it is sweeping through our state legislatures, school boards, congresses, and governor’s mansions.”

Reid again promoted the baseless belief that Republicans are coming to take away numerous rights from Americans because fascism is in the country.

“We’re all losing so many rights, so fast, that most people don’t know what hit them until it’s too late,” Reid claimed. “Fascism is not a game, all of you. it’s real And it’s in America, sometimes dressed up as a crazy cult of personality or with a Confederate flag… and not enough people are fighting it.”

Reid added: “And the first victims will be women, who will soon find out what ‘great government’ really looks like, thanks to the Christian nationalist majority on the Supreme Court and Republicans licking their fingers at the House takeover.” and especially the Senate.”

In April, Reid announced that the Republicans should be called the “Party for Rape and Child Marriage.” Joy Reid attacks pro-life Christian nationalists

Laura Coffey

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