Karine Jean-Pierre explains that ‘wild’ trans kids ‘stand up’ – and then gets ripped off for her rhetoric as a trans shooter just killed three kids in Nashville

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared Thursday that “wild” transgender kids “are fighting back” — and then was slammed for their rhetoric, as a trans gunman killed three 9-year-old children and had killed three adults.

what are the details

Fox News said Jean-Pierre said during a White House press briefing that “this has been one of the worst weeks of 2023 so far in terms of anti-LGBTQ laws going into effect in states across America,” regarding laws outlawing female genital mutilation ban from children.

“With the passage of new law in Indiana, 14 states have now banned gender-affirming healthcare, while some of those laws are currently blocked by courts. This is a dangerous — a dangerous attack on the right of parents to make the best health decisions for their own children,” Jean-Pierre said, adding that the human rights campaign claims that “more than 50 percent of transgender youth in the United States, An estimated more than 150,000 children live in states where transgender youth have had or lost access to [are] Danger of losing access to gender-affirming care.”

Then Jean-Pierre appeared to remove the gloves: “Look, this is terrible news. Let’s be very clear about that. LGBTQI+ children are resilient. They are fierce. they fight back. You’re not going anywhere. And we have your back. This government is behind them.”

Fox News added that the spokesman also said, “We are so proud of the children in this country who have organized protests and school strikes to tell politicians in their states to stop this legislative bullying.”

Say what?

Jean-Pierre struck a chord with those concerned that her rhetoric might add more fuel to a growing leftist fire, with trans people seeming to be stoking the biggest flames of late.

In fact, alongside the Nashville massacre, a transgender teenager with a written manifesto has just been arrested in Colorado for allegedly planning an attack on schools and churches. Additionally, swimmer Riley Gaines was “ambushed and physically beaten” by a transgender male activist and swarmed by a violent mob during her speech at San Francisco State University.

Notable Twitter commenters soon ripped Jean-Pierre up:

  • “A trans person killed three Christian children just over a week ago and … the White House is now asking them to fight back,” said Greg Price, communications director for the State Freedom Caucus Network tweeted.
  • Twitter page Mostly Peaceful Memes wrote, “Stochastic Terrorism From The White House.” The term stochastic terrorism, acc Merriam-Webster“has been defined as the use of language ‘to incite random actors to carry out acts of violence or terrorism that are statistically predictable but not individually predictable.'”
  • “That kind of rhetoric helped cause Nashville … At least by liberals’ own logic.” tweeted National Review contributor Pradheep J. Shanker.

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