Katie Maloney has a shocking theory about Tom Schwartz’s role in Scandoval.

Look at the… latest episodes from Vanderpump Rules is like a modern scouting operation. It gives Agatha Christie vibes. No, we’re not chasing a killer. Just a sly weasel and his shameless mistress. The clues are piling up, and isn’t everyone looking for the ambiguity in every sentence, every look, and every confrontation? We know how the story ends. The question is how Tom Sandoval And Rachel Leviss Navigate through their rendezvous Ariana Madix? And the whole VPR crew by the way.

Tom Schwartz is the alleged accomplice due to his proximity to the scammer duo. His ex-wife Katie Maloney knows best how much Sandoval influences him. And Katie supports the theory that Schwartz has known for quite some time.

Katie thinks Raquel kissed Schwartz to provoke Sandoval

The Something about her The co-owner shared a new theory with Bravo’s CEO Andy Cohen. She recently appeared in an episode of See what’s happening live to react to the latest VPR episode.

Andy asked Katie if her earlier train of thought was still valid. In a previous interview, Katie referred to Schwartz as “decoy” who was “tricked” by both scammers.

Now the reality TV star suspects that Raquel acted as the sole initiator and played all sides at the same time.

“I think right after the wedding, after he and Raquel kissed, Sandoval told him because I think Raquel was playing fun games with Sandoval. Maybe you’re trying to make him jealous because you know, “Well, I’m single and I can do whatever I want.” “You have a girlfriend, so I’m going to kiss your girlfriend,” she explained.

The kiss with Schwartz gave Sandoval a reason to tell his friend about the affair. It also served to keep Raquel in line.

Katie continued: “And so Sandoval came in and put a kibosh on it and told Schwartz that he and Raquel were up to something so Schwartz wouldn’t go after Raquel. That’s my theory.”

Of course, Sandoval wouldn’t have to worry about Schwartz revealing his secrets.

“So now Schwartz knows about it. But Schwartz won’t do anything about it because Schwartz has been Sandoval’s vault for years,” she concluded.

There you have it, detectives. Katie has come up with a highly plausible explanation based on her intuition towards Raquel and her ex-husband’s well-documented spineless behavior.

Vanderpump Rules continues Wednesdays at 9/8 on Bravo.

TELL US – WHAT DO YOU THINK OF KATIE’S THEORY? Did you see anything in the last episode that changed your mind about the narration given by Raquel and Sandoval?

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