Kid Rock’s old photo with a drag queen resurfaces online after a ridiculous Budweiser video went viral

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kids skirt‘s “Friskiness” opposite Bud light and the company’s support for the transgender community takes a drastic turn after social media users dug up an old picture of the star with a drag queen.

As previously reported, TikTok influencer and transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, who goes by her/his pronoun, recently partnered with Bud Light, and the 26-year-old, in turn, shared a promotional video on their social media platforms . In the clip, Mulvaney talks about March Madness and how Bud Light is celebrating the sporting event by giving away cash prizes.

When Rock got wind of the video, he took to his Twitter account on April 3 to upload a clip of himself photographing several packs of Bud Light while saying:

“Grandpa feels a bit playful today. Let me tell you all something and be as clear and concise as possible. F-k Bud Light and f-k Anheuser-Busch. Have a great day.”

To make things even more interesting, a few days after the “All Summer Long” singer posted the controversial video, a Reddit user shared a throwback photo of Rock comfortably standing next to Wanda, a drag queen. while sipping a light Bud beer and sporting his Coors hat at a 2003 party he threw in Florida.

When the image went viral and began circulating online, particularly on Twitter, many people had a lot to say about the situation as Rock wanted to stir up the pot.

One person claimed Rock caused the Bud Light controversy to gain attention.

At the same time, another Twitter user suggested that no one should be fooled by Rock’s “bulls**t rage.”

A third person commented that 20 years ago when the photo was taken, Rock was in the prime of his career and didn’t need to “prove his manhood” by shooting beers.

One social media user urged many to boycott and cancel Rock because the resurfaced photo shows his hypocrisy.

In addition to these reactions, other people went as far as sending this snap to Rock by commenting below his Bud Light video. Despite the backlash, Rock has yet to address the situation.

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