Knappen: The Democrats have silenced the lambs so they can eat the sheep

Americans have an odd fascination with serial killers, as evidenced by the popularity of television dramas like “Criminal Minds” and intense interest in the true stories of Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and David Berkowitz.

So it should come as no surprise that Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most notorious serial killers of the last half century, is being portrayed in a new Netflix series. Dahmer murdered and dismembered a total of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He also admitted to devouring the flesh of some of his victims and performing sexual acts on their corpses.

Netflix has been embroiled in controversy over this project, not because it might romanticize a cannibalistic, necrophilic serial killer, but because it emphasizes the fact that Dahmer was gay. The media giant is so concerned about not getting on the wrong side of the culture wars that it AWAY the “LGBTQ” tag on the series.

I’m surprised by the initial decision to tag the series. But the reaction, both on social media and Netflix, is revealing an ugly truth about where the political left has taken American culture over the past 30 years.

It would be virtually impossible to remake The Silence of the Lambs, the Oscar-winning psychological thriller that also involved a serial killer, sexual dysfunction and cannibalism.

When the film debuted in 1991, the Democrats were the party of Clarice Starling, the glass-ceiling-shattering FBI agent. Starling formed an alliance with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic forensic psychiatrist, to track down a serial killer named Buffalo Bill who is skinning a woman.

Over the past decade, Democrats have left Clarice to stand up for Bill and Lecter by normalizing transgenderism, sympathizing with depraved criminals, and erasing obvious differences between men and women.

The left’s new world order prioritizes violent criminals and transitional men over our wives, daughters and mothers.

Buffalo Bills Gender Dysphoria would actually make him a likable character if the film were remade today. Born Jame Gumb, his penchant for killing overweight women to make a “suit” out of their skin was blamed on non-affirmative parents who refused to let him transition to “Jamie” as a child. Viewers would wonder how many lives could have been saved if Bill had received “gender-affirming care” as a teenager.

dr Hannibal Lecter, himself a prolific serial killer, would also benefit from society’s new rules. He would likely be recast as an actor of color, a strategic move that would explain why prosecutors are fighting for his early release from prison. As is the leftist tendency, his crimes would also be explained systemically. In the case of dr. A harshly worded email from a white colleague during his medical training led Lecter to “freak out” and develop a taste for human flesh.

True to the values ​​of our time, the uplifting of gender-confused men and sadistic criminals would come with the degradation of the original film’s female protagonist.

Given today’s political climate, Clarice Starling would begin the film trying to wow audiences with her intelligence, wit, and bravery. However, her fate was to take a turn for the worse when she mis-gendered Buffalo Bill by not using his preferred pronouns during an intense interrogation.

The questioning would stop immediately when several FBI employees for Diversity, Inclusion and Justice burst into the room. Starling was fined and removed from the case until she completed mandatory gender identity training.

In a plot twist, her FBI superiors would replace her with a colleague who happens to identify as non-binary and uses pronouns “she/they”.

Anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating how much our society has changed is living in a fantasy world of their own making.

Democrats in the United States and liberals around the world have completely reshaped cultural norms and public policy to meet the needs of people with serious mental health problems. Instead of clinging to reality and traditional definitions of man and woman, activists and ideologues used the delusions of a tiny minority to confuse the masses.

A transgender teacher in Canada named Kayla Lemieux recently went viral for the sport gigantic breast prostheses in front of his students. Lemieux uses his classroom for sports his “Women’s suit,” and students are his approval audience. The school wrote in support of the teacher, letting parents know that they were working to create a “just” environment free of gender expression discrimination.

Other favorites of the left are Dylan Mulvaneya man who thinks he is a young girl, as well Jeffrey Marsha hoarse-voiced social media influencer who identifies as non-binary.

Her Video together on TikTok has over 275,000 likes.

That doesn’t even take into account the people within the current Biden administration whose delusions, kinksand fetishes make them more employable in democratic government than someone who publicly affirms a traditional view of marriage.

This is the modern left. The women who fought for years to represent women in business, media, politics and sport have given way to men who dream of being women. Any woman who wants to remain in good standing must affirm ideas she knows are contrary to science and nature.

The same people who advocate radical gender ideologies also tend to think that career criminals are another victim group that needs public advocacy.

A man named Waheed Foster brutally attacked a woman in a New York City subway station last week, leaving her physically injured and mentally scarred. Foster, 41, has a long criminal record, including an arrest for beating his own grandmother to death in 1995 and stabbing a 50-year-old woman in the cheek and shoulder in 2010.

The Silence of the Lambs remake would have a very different ending than the original.

Buffalo Bill would be released from prison after a year to complete his transition to “Jamie” through taxpayer-funded “buttock surgery” at the nation’s top venereal disease clinic.

dr Lecter would be appointed to a senior position in the federal government dealing with issues of justice within the criminal justice system.

Clarice Starling finished the film Alone in the Woods, scrolling through hateful comments on her Twitter mentions and trying to remember when to use the “ze/zir/zem” pronouns. Her successor would feature a promotion to chief of the Conduct Disorders Division, the first non-binary person in FBI history to hold that post.

This remake would be a very different kind of horror film, mostly because its plot reflects our new reality.

It should be called “The Eating of the Sheep”. Knappen: The Democrats have silenced the lambs so they can eat the sheep

Laura Coffey

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