Kremlin stealth edits embarrassing video of Putin Mariupol

The Kremlin has gone into damage control mode after Vladimir Putin’s latest PR stunt was derailed by a public display of disgust for him.

The Russian leader made a show of his alleged visit to Ukraine’s Mariupol over the weekend, with people identified as local residents by the Kremlin treating him as their savior, thanking him for Russia’s “help” and making their new home a “little slice of home.” ” called heaven.”

However, in a brief part of the video that Putin’s team seemed to have missed, a woman was heard screaming, “This isn’t all true, this is all for show!” just as the Russian leader began to read his lines. Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin grinned uneasily as Putin’s security team set out to track down the lone protester.

Two days after the off-script comments were noticed in the Kremlin-released video, that version was replaced on the Kremlin’s official website with a version in which the party cracker had been edited, the independent newspaper Mozhem Obyasnit noted on Tuesday.

Putin’s alleged visit to the city – his first trip to Ukrainian territory since the start of his war – came as close as possible to the frontline he had ever set foot on. And despite the enthusiastic testimonies of alleged residents broadcast by Russian state television, many locals seem to have seen through the propaganda.

“Nobody fucking needs us here. Everything is done for a picture on TV so that people in Russia watch,” wrote a resident in a Telegram channel dedicated to local news.

Others questioned why Putin did not visit the parts of the city decimated by his own military.

“And why bring him there, he was only brought to preserved places and new buildings. Nobody will show him the empty pits under the foundations of destroyed houses.”

Anton Gerashchenko, a senior adviser to the Ukrainian government, appeared Monday to suspect that Putin may have sent a duplicate body to Mariupol. Kremlin stealth edits embarrassing video of Putin Mariupol

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