Lakers fans mock Patrick Beverley after he trolled LeBron James – ‘0 points’

What goes around comes around. Just days after the Chicago Bulls’ Patrick Beverley taunted LeBron James with a “too small” gesture, he received one himself.

When the Bulls defeated the Lakers last Sunday, James made an unexpected comeback from a foot tendon injury, only for Beverley, his former Lakers teammate, to put up 2 points against him.

The 6-foot-2 Beverly showed little regret for leaving the Lakers, and expressed his “too small” gesture at the feet of James, who is 6-9 years old.

The Lakers are pushing hard for the playoffs with a run that could turn a fairly unremarkable season into a remarkable one, but only if they win most of their remaining games, four of five of which are away.

Beverley made it public that he would love nothing more than to put an end to the Lakers’ postseason ambitions, but that fell short on Wednesday night when the Lakers came to town and beat the Bulls 121-110.

The Lakers’ Austin Reaves, who played with Beverley when he was on the team, exacted some revenge on James when he scored a late-game goal against Beverley. He then hit him with the “too small” gesture.

Lakers fans loved that Beverley was being mocked and took to social media to target him after he failed to score a single point against the Lakers after scoring 10 against them on Sunday night.

Austin Reaves
Patrick Beverley of the Chicago Bulls throws a pass to Austin Reaves of the Los Angeles Lakers in the second half of the game March 26.
Getty Images

Commenting on a TikTok highlights video showing the battle between Beverley and the Lakers, one user wrote, “35 minutes with 0 points is insane.”

Another joked, “Pat Bev had a 35 minute cardio session.” A third called out to Beverly, “Bev sit yo a** down.”

A fourth joked about Beverley having a training session, writing: “Bro did cardio the whole game and didn’t even get a bucket.”

After the game, Reaves said it was a spontaneous decision to pull out the “too small” gesture towards Beverley and that he had respect for his former team-mate.

He told reporters, “He did it the last time we played LeBron. It wasn’t something I thought about doing the whole game, but it felt like the right time, the right situation, and we have a good relationship and I respect him.”

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