Leander ISD officials who may want to ‘repurpose’ some schools

Demographers found that some schools, mainly in the southern part of the district, are expected to see a decline in enrollment over the next decade. But some parents disagree.

LEANDER, Texas – One of the fastest growing school districts in our area is considering campus repurposing.

It was an ongoing conversation Leander I.S.D because some campuses may see a drop in enrollment over the next few years.

It’s all part of LISD’s long-term plan, which spans 10 years, and district leaders say they already have ideas about what could become of these campuses.

This does not necessarily mean closing schools. But through repurposing, the district would seek to convert existing schools into things like professional learning centers, early childhood centers, or administrative buildings, particularly around the Four Points area.

Officials tell KVUE that they have hired a team of demographers to determine enrollment numbers. The results show that some schools, such as Laura Welch Bush Elementary, primarily in the southern portion of the district, are expected to see a decline in enrollment over the next decade.

But parents and community members say those numbers may not be entirely accurate, something the superintendent agrees about projections that far out.

Another factor is when schools are being repurposed and students need to move, what does that process look like?

“I do not question the integrity of the report. I understand why they calculate the way they do for the general masses, but it doesn’t work for all parts of the district. Waiting to calculate regeneration until it occurs won’t work; only Using live census birth data does not work. After a year, they predict OK, but you don’t make a one-year plan,” said Whitney Coons, a member of the LISD community.

“I assure you we’re listening because adding 700 students to a high school at a time is challenging and we recognize that and it changes a lot of things. So we’re looking at ways we can roll that out over time,” said Dr. Bruce Gearing, the LISD Superintendent.

School officials also say that one of the biggest takeaways from Tuesday’s meeting is that this is just a conversation; Nothing is set in stone, but they want to keep families informed about their studies.

If you want to read more Read the full plan.

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