Legislators will vote on sealing DeSantis’ travel records

Lawmakers are considering sealing the governor’s travel records. Republicans say it’s about the safety of the governor, while Democrats say it’s about the safety of the governor’s political ambitions.

Lawmakers prepared the bill Monday for a final vote Tuesday. The bill would exempt all travel logs of the governor, state cabinet members, legislative leaders and the chief justice from public records.

Also, the bill is retroactive, meaning that if the law were signed, all records of shelter, travel, and potential threats past, present, and future would be sealed.

“That’s what the bill is about, safety and security,” said State Rep. Jeff Holcolmb.

State Rep. Michele Rayner-Goolsby says there is a presidential – not practical – reason for the legislation.

“Once again we see that the legislature is a political arm of the governor and his campaign,” Rayner-Goolsby said.

House bill sponsor says Democrats are not upset about anything.

“I don’t know why they’re worried, I think they’re trying to get into politics,” said State Rep. Jeff Holcolmb.

The governor weighed in Monday at a news conference in Titusville.

“It’s not necessarily something I made up,” DeSantis said. “Some people may agree with that, others may not, but I think it’s motivated by safety concerns.”

The bill is scheduled to be voted on Tuesday in the House of Representatives and is expected to pass. Then it’s off to the governor, who is expected to sign the law.

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