Liberals are melting in Twitter reactions to CNN’s split from John Harwood

Liberals collapse as CNN cleans house after disastrous ratings. Leftists have claimed CNN is becoming “Fox News Lite” and threatened to boycott the dwindling cable TV news channel.

The New York Times last month reported that CNN’s ratings have fallen and the “network is on track to fall below $1 billion in profit for the first time in years, according to people familiar with its operations, amid a sharp drop in television viewership.”

CNN replaced Jeff Zucker with Chris Licht as the cable news network’s new head.

There were reports that Licht would take a more impartial stance in his reporting.

The cable network has already ousted “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stetler and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. On Friday, the network parted ways with longtime commentator John Harwood.

On Saturday, the term “Boycott CNN” was a trending topic on Twitter.

In desperate Twitter reactions, Liberals collectively panicked over Harwood’s sacking. Many threatened to boycott the network because it had become “Fox News Lite.”

Leftist journalist Dan Rather: “What’s going on at CNN? It’s a serious question. There is much speculation about directives and motives. What’s really going on? And will the audience notice it?”

actor John Ale: “John Harwood could be the next Walter Cronkite if only there were a mainstream platform that didn’t put profit first. That should scare us to death. #BoycottCNN.”

Liberal Author Kurt Eichenwald: “The idiocy at @CNN that they think they can become Fox newseasy and Conservatives will win is bizarre. The fact that they don’t watch it will lose all their regular viewers who don’t want propaganda.easy is even greater idiocy.”

Democratic strategist Gregory Pinelo:Still outraged about it @JohnJHarwood get fired. Let’s imagine that there are 3 major cable news channels in America and 2 of them are controlled by politically active right wing oligarchs. This is another serious threat to democracy.”

screenwriter Randi Mayem singer: “Will someone who hasn’t already been fired from @CNN tell the truth like John Harwood did? The new CNN normalizes and both sides defeat fascism.”

Advanced commentator Charlotte Clymer: “CNN White House correspondent John Harwood offered this sensible analysis. A short time later, he announced that he would no longer be with the network. It’s pretty clear that CNN’s new leadership aims to become a smaller Fox News.”

Political Analyst Ameshia Cross: “CNN dies an ignominious death. They used to be a valid source. I grew up in the network. Today I am ashamed of what they have become. And this odd right swing attacking Biden’s speech is the nail in her coffin. With a few exceptions, they sound great Foxlite without the Fox viewership.”

Musician search for love: “Why should @CNN Flush everything down the toilet like that? SMH.”

Left commenter Malcolm Nance: “Treat CNN like Tesla. Let’s slap them straight into the MF wallet. Punish their shareholders for electing a CEO who was tricked into betraying America for Trump. #BoycottCNN.”

Democratic activist Pam Keith: “CNN is full of MAGA because a Trumper took control of it.” Liberals are melting in Twitter reactions to CNN’s split from John Harwood

Laura Coffey

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