LibsofTikTok’s interviews prove that she is not unbiased. It breeds anti-LGBTQ hatred

The infamous Twitter account LibsofTikTok, once anonymous, has revealed her face in a series of high-profile interviews, first with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and then with independent journalist Tim Pool. The account, run by a woman named Chaya Raichik, reposts videos Raichik finds on TikTok, mostly featuring drag shows, queer people, or transgender teachers allegedly indoctrinating young people.

The account has shot out of obscurity to 1.7 million followers in two years thanks to boosts from high-profile figures like Joe Rogan and Meghan McCain, and it was influential enough that actual legislation was inspired by Raichik’s post, leading many on the left to to discourage the account as anti-LGBTQ.

Both Carlson and Pool disputed this view, portraying Raichik as an unbiased reporter simply holding up a mirror to the left. “What they’ve essentially done is bring to light and publicize what they’re already saying in the public domain,” Carlson said. “This is your crime.”

“One person says something and then you’re like, ‘Hey, look, that person said something,’ and they’re like, ‘Stop!'” Pool said.

This is how Raichik sees her own account. “We hold up a mirror to the left and show people what they are saying. And they just can’t take it,” Raichik told Pool.

Unfortunately, this is not an accurate representation of what LibsofTikTok does. In reality, it is a hate account.

Because the truth, unlike Pool, Carlson and Raichik, is an account can Be hateful just by reposting something that’s already public. Though the videos are already publicly available, Raichik is making curatorial decisions about what to amplify to construct a damaging narrative about queer people — namely, that a cabal of queer activists and educators is sexualizing young people and indoctrinating them into a queer ideology. Raichick makes decisions about what to repost and, more importantly, how to frame those newly posted videos to construct that narrative.

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The woman revealed to be behind the Libs of TikTok account has created a newsletter in case her website goes down.
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Let’s start with choosing the content. The videos Raichik selects present the most aggressive, idiosyncratic approaches to teaching sexual and gender diversity. She then presents these radical, extreme views as the norm of the left (hence the “libs”) and certainly the norm for queer people, although this is far from true.

Raichik then describes the video to her audience, often repeating narratives of indoctrination, sexualization, and “nurturing.”

For example Raichik recently tweeted the video of a non-binary educator who made a TikTok video on how to make a classroom more inclusive for non-binary students.

Among the recommendations they made were not to use gender-specific colors like pink for girls and blue for boys, and not to rank students by gender. If these seem harmless to you, they weren’t for Raichik, who frames the video with the caption, “These are the people who teach your kids.”

The implication is clear: such a person is unfit to be an educator because they are queer.

Repeated tweets of this nature aim to paint a misleading picture that the American school system is being overrun by “gays” bent on sexualizing young people. And if Raichik’s audience doesn’t know exactly what happens in school systems, they might believe this narrative.

But Raichik really shook her hand in her interview with Carlson, where she revealed her true feelings towards gay, queer and transgender people.

“The LGBTQ community has become a cult; they brainwash people into joining,” she said. “It’s extremely toxic. The simplest answer is that they’re just evil. They’re bad people. They’re evil people and they want to nurture children. They recruit.”

With her comments, Raichik made clear her disdain for the entire LGBTQ community. It’s not just people who inappropriately talk to children about sexual content that upsets them, it’s the entire gay community.

So much for holding up to the mirror!

This kind of ugly rhetoric and selective reinforcement can do real harm. I saw it with my own eyes. In 2021, a non-binary colleague of mine, Dr. Allyn Walker being interviewed about a book they had just published. The book was about people with a physical attraction to children. The researchers studying this phenomenon call these individuals Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs).

dr Walker’s aesthetic and choice of erudition were tailored to Raichik: They are visibly non-binary and write about a subject that allowed Raichik to reconcile being queer with sexual deviance.

Raichik tweeted a clip from an interview and framed the clip with the text: “This non-binary assistant professor at Old Dominion University is trying to normalize the term MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons).”

It followed a second clip from the interview with the accompanying text: “They come because of your children.”

Of course, Raichik didn’t include a link to the full interview Walker is in extremely clear that the term is not an attempt to condone a sexual interest in children, but rather serves to destigmatize those people who have that attraction and give them an opportunity to seek help. In other words, the terminology should to protect Children.

Well, I disagree with Walker on this nomenclature change. But Raichik selectively chose clips and described them in a way that constructed a hateful and inaccurate portrayal, resulting in Walker being subjected to immense harassment, being furloughed and eventually leaving his position.

I don’t think Raichik, Carlson or Pool are naive or stupid. I’m willing to admit that they may not wish people harm, but I think they are willfully ignorant, willing to accept bias and look the other way when queer people are being harassed.

The great tragedy here is that there are many Americans uneasy about the rapid acceptance of sexual and gender diversity in our institutions. These Americans deserve a better channel for their views than LibsofTikTok.

LibsofTikTok isn’t just about reposting videos. It intentionally creates hate against queers through distortion and lies. Raichik made that clear this week.

Roderick Graham is an Associate Professor at Old Dominion University in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own. LibsofTikTok’s interviews prove that she is not unbiased. It breeds anti-LGBTQ hatred

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