Lisa Hochstein has been accused by her estranged husband Lenny of planting ‘listening devices’ in the car

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has had a hard time since she and Lenny Hochstein called it finished. Lisa floated on the threshold of rich poverty while Lenny struts around Miami with his latest version of a female companion.

During this incredibly tense time between the ex-couple, a violent mud fight ensued between both parties. Lenny blamed Lisa he sucks up all his money. Lisa accused Lenny of infidelity and cut their money.

Now we have a whole new bunch of dirt in the mix. Lenny claims Lisa went full 007 and bugged his car. I’m not sure if Lisa is really interested in hearing Lenny sing yacht rock loudly or discussing leaky implants on the way to the gym, but here we are.

Lenny’s location is no longer shared

In court documents filed this week and received by page six, Lenny said Lisa installed a “listening device” in his car. Supposedly so she can “monitor” all of his lewd phone calls. The papers say Lisa allegedly placed “at least one” bug to “access and monitor his private, non-public communications related to this litigation.”

Lenny also feels that Lisa’s “actions” ended up jeopardizing “the integrity” of their divorce battle currently in progress. He added that he had “no idea” what Lisa got from listening to him in the car. I mean, lenny doesn’t seem that interesting. At most, she probably only heard random attempts to hide road rage and lame attempts to develop a relationship with a 27-year-old.

Lisa’s reps responded, basically saying Lenny was full of it. “There’s no truth to that. It seems they are just trying to distract everyone with their lies.” The statement confirmed that the court “has already sided with Lisa on many of these issues, including the lies being told by the woman who destroyed her home and family.”

lenny’s “girlfriend” Catherine Mazepa has repeatedly denied that this was the reason Lenny decided to leave Lisa. If you watch old episodes of RHOM, you can definitely tell that this couple hasn’t been madly in love for quite some time.

The legal documents were filed in response to Lisa’s desire to delay the court hearing that would determine whether her and Lenny’s marriage could be enforced. Apparently, the court has decided, but the decision has not yet become public.

RHOM is back on Bravo next season after a brief relationship with the Peacock. Get ready!

TELL US – Do you think LISA would put a listening device in Lenny’s car? Do you think the marriage will be enforced?

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